10 Cool Things From Amazon That Save Money on Spas

The advancement of technology has made it possible to treat skin issues and even have a massage without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. We’ve developed a routine of browsing online stores while lounging in bed. You deserve some relaxation at the end of a long day, and Amazon has just what you need.

1. Facial steam sauna for deep home cleaning

Steam infused with nano-ion particles cleanses and hydrates the skin at its deepest layers. Put in some herbs or essential oils and relax.

2. LED face mask for professional light therapy

Like having your own personal beautician, the LED light treatment mask adapts to your specific demands. Acne can be treated (with blue light), regeneration and renewal can be encouraged (with red light), and pigment spots can be reduced (with both blue and red light) (orange light). The convenience of a professional salon, brought to your very own living room.

3. Epsom bath salt to relieve muscle pain

Magnesium sulfate baths are an excellent way to reduce tension and pain in aching muscles and the nervous system.

4. A set of fragrant natural dried flowers for a cosmetic bath

Spas are about more than just the treatments they offer. A healthy bath isn’t complete without some added color and flavor. Brighten up your night of self-care with some fragrant and dye-free flowers and herbs.

5. Nutritious Moroccan rose oil for a royal bath

We keep pouring in the care products and finish off the tub with a few drops of expensive Moroccan rose oil. Use it in conjunction with your regular skin and hair care routine, or use it on its own.

6. Hot wax paraffin therapy set for soft feet and hands

When applied to the hands and feet, paraffin therapy warms, softens, and calms the skin and joints, transforming them into supple and gentle versions fit for a baby.

7. Comfortable bath and spa pillow with suction cups

Including this hardly-there touch will do wonders for your level of comfort. You can rest well knowing that your head is supported by a pillow built from a watertight material.

8. Innovative nano glass pedicure foot file

The tempered glass material of the foot file ensures that it will last and be a trustworthy companion in your efforts to maintain beautiful heels. To remove calluses and rough skin, you need only spend a few minutes.

9. Warming foot massager for real shiatsu at home

What would a spa even be without a massage therapist? As a finishing touch to caregiving processes, this massager is ideal. To use, simply remove the top cover and massage the desired area.

10. Set of basalt stones for hot massages

Your own high-tech at-home spa! Get a hot stone massage for yourself and your date if you’re not going out tonight. Muscles loosen up and a state of utter contentment sets in.

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