10 Ridiculous Health Food Myths That Need To Die (Like Now)

No, eating a burger isn’t going to make you fat!

When something finally clicks and we make the decision to lose weight, we turn to all sorts of healthy food facts. This gives us an idea of what we can and can’t put in our stomachs if we want to get slimmer or start eating healthier. But it turns out that all those healthy food myths we’ve sworn by for years are totally bogus, and fitness chef Graeme Tomlinson is on a quest to debunk them. Graeme posts some incredible health food tips and facts on his social media accounts and he swears that anyone can lose weight. See for yourself!  

Junk Food vs Any Food

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Most fitness fanatics will tell you that junk food is your number one enemy. But in reality, it’s overconsumption what makes you put on weight. Even too much of a good thing can increase your calorie intake and make you gain weight in just a few weeks. It’s a matter of control. So, go ahead and order some McDs fries, but don’t Biggie size it and only do it twice a month, for example.  

Same Difference

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Eating 6 oranges is about the same as drinking 500 ml of orange juice. The only difference is that you have to peel and eat 6 oranges. You’ll also get a lot more fiber, which helps keep your digestive system in check.  

Let’s Talk Bread

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Everyone’s always dissing bread because it has all these awful carbs that’ll make you fat…but will it? White bread and wheat bread have very low-calorie values, but what you put on it can increase the number of calories. However, brown bread has more fiber and is less processed, so it’s a much healthier choice. But calorie-wise it’s literally the same.  

Calories Are Calories No Matter What

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Avocados contain protein, fiber, and micronutrients that improve overall health. But it still contains the same amounts of calories as a tube of Smarties. However, the avocado will calm your food cravings a lot longer than a tasty treat. Next time you’re confused about calories, think of it this way: which is healthier, 100 calories of french fries or a 100-calorie apple? Exactly!  

Eye Of The Beholder

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Nutella on white toast may not have as much fiber or nutrients as an avocado on brown toast, but it has less calories, believe it or not. So, if you’re watching your calories, go for the Nutella toast. If you want more nutrition, then pick the avocado toast. Keep in mind that Nutella is also loaded with sugar, so thread carefully.  

Truth About Sugar And Calories

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The more food you consume, the more calories you accrue. So at the end of the day, it’s not about avoiding sugar at all costs. It’s about portion control and watching your calorie intake. Being afraid of a little scoop of ice cream or a chocolate chip cookie is no way to live. Variety is key. Don’t deprive yourself from eating something, just stick to eating very little of it.  

Shattering Vitamin Water Fact

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Flavored vitamin water contains more sugar and calories than drinking regular water with actual fruit. But eating actual kiwi and strawberries as opposed to flavored water will give you more fiber and vitamins, with only half the calories. Also, take a look at how many grams of sugar flavored vitamin water has. Now that’s scary!  

Food Is Food

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Whether you eat a pepperoni pizza or a salad, at the end of the day, you’re consuming food, which your body will metabolize and use as energy (calories). It’s really up to you how much of it you consume according to your weight loss goals, and your BMI (which is also a number you should take with a grain of salt!) But neither one is healthier than the other.  

No Carbs At Night

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People believe their metabolism slows down at night because they’re less active. So, the sooner they eat, the better. But the calorie and carb intakes of a meal will be the same regardless of what time you eat. Our metabolic rate works when it has to, not because of how late it is. If you’re hungry at night, you might be tempted to eat a snack and that’ll deter your weight loss efforts. Make sure you eat dinner 2 hours before going to bed.  

Avocado vs Bacon And Eggs

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Bacon and eggs on sourdough bread for breakfast… healthy? No way! It turns out that it’s a pretty smart choice! The avocado with chia seeds on sourdough might look healthy, but it has more calories. Remember, weight loss isn’t defined by individual foods but by energy balance.

Written by Camila Villafane

Serial tea drinker. Professional wig snatcher. Content creator and video script writer who may or may not be John Leguizamo’s body double. If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.