Canadians Are So Damn Nice And Here Are 12 Photos That Prove It

Why are Canadians so nice and polite? Not only are they known all over the globe for being the type of people who would give their shirts off their backs to a total stranger. And it’s not just a stereotype. Here are 12 unbelievable photos that prove Canadians are the best.  

Honest Commuters Left Money When The Gates Broke Down

When the automatic gates at the metro malfunctioned, these honest Canadians decided to do the right thing and pay for their rides anyway. Where else would this happen if not Canada?  

The Police Getting Rowdy in Canada

In many countries, (we’re not going to name names, you know who you are!) the police department would be called out. Many would’ve been injured, (or worse!) and the incident would’ve been swept under the rag after a few weeks.    

Three Seasons In Once (Photo Taken on September 15, 2018)

At one point, Canada seemed to experienced three seasons in one, and it was truly magical. If it weren’t for this crazy beautiful picture, we’d have a hard time believing some flowers can blossom even when it’s snowing. A truly magical nation, huh?  

Bears Are Not Invited

Well, now we’re dying to know the full story. Did a break into this cozy-looking hotel? Did a guest show up with their very own emotional support bear? How Canadian would that be, right? We have so many questions!  

The Police Stay Casual During a Protest

This moment looks like the poster child for what Canadian protests look like! Three years ago, a Redditor shared this photo and captioned it, “Police in Montreal are refusing to wear their work pants as a part of a labor dispute.” Well, they’re total trendsetters with those pants. So if anyone deserves to be called “The Fashion Police” it’s them!  

The Police Being on Active Duty

There could be a guy getting robbed in the back, but these policemen were too busy trying to snap a perfect picture. “Never mind the thief. This cutie is wearing a hat.”  

So Polite!

Canadians are notorious for being super kind and well-mannered, even when a neighbor “borrows” something from you without asking for permission. But in true Canadian fashion, the thief brought back his wheelbarrow and now all is forgiven!  

Helping Out They Fellow Neighbor

Now all superheroes wear capes. This police officer stopped by this little girl’s lemonade stand in Kenora, ON, Canada, to buy a drink and chit chat about their day. How adorable are they?  

Is This Your Mitt?
Everything about this photo screams Canada. Where do we even begin? Not only is this neighbor oh so concerned over returning this missing mitt. But they also took the time to carefully wrap it in plastic and hang it from a tree, so its rightful owner could claim it. We’re starting to believe that if a Canadian gets a papercut, they’ll bleed honey. My goodness!  

The Least You Can Do is Be a Polite Thief

We’re pretty sure they’d even offer to bake a rhubarb pie for the nice thief with the stuff he stole, just in case he gets hungry on his way back. Canadians, eh?  

Upside Down World

Okay, so the headline might’ve been slightly misleading, but this actually happened. A Redditor explained, “The actual story is about how the doctors want better spaces to do their work rather than getting money/raises. There’s an excess of people in an emergency in Quebec’s hospitals and most of the doctors cannot do their work in proper work conditions.” We’re still shocked, nonetheless.  

Everyone’s Welcome

Seriously? This poster needs to be on every freaking door all over America. Scratch that. Let’s make this available everywhere around the world. “They know where we belong,” is a powerful statement.

Written by Camila Villafane

Serial tea drinker. Professional wig snatcher. Content creator and video script writer who may or may not be John Leguizamo’s body double. If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.