Genius Inventions That Were Designed to Make Women’s Lives a Million Times Easier

Designers are always coming up with new gadgets and gizmos to improve the quality of life. But women were beyond happy when these genius designers created products that not only took their beauty into consideration but their comfort, too.  

Solid Shoe Prints on Grates

These sidewalk grates have solid spots. That way, if someone in high heels has to walk through here to get across, their heels won’t get stuck between the grates, which might otherwise injure the person or damage their shoes.  

Japanese Toilet Baby Holder

The last thing a mommy wants to do is have their newborn crawling around the floor of a dirty bathroom. So, this baby holder in Japan gives women a place to safely put their child while they do their business.  

Giraffe Razor Extension Handle

Having a hard time reaching down to shave your legs? Maybe you have back problems and you can’t bend. Well, this device allows you to shave your legs even in places that are seriously hard to reach without breaking a sweat. Whoever came up with this deserves a standing ovation.  

Stash-it Hairbrush

This hairbrush has a secret compartment that allows you to hide or store your valuables. All you have to do is unscrew the upper end of the brush to find the safe storage space. It’s perfect to use at home or when you’re on the road.  

The Showrshield

This nifty invention was designed to protect a woman’s face in the shower after she’s had some cosmetic done on her face or to keep her makeup from smearing. It’s lightweight, reusable and comes in black or pink.  

The Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow is made with ultra-soft polyester cover. It’s also shaped in a way that would allow a pregnant woman to sleep comfortably especially as her baby bump grows bigger. That means no more sleepless nights while being pregnant.  

Glue-Free Magnetic Lashes

Never worry about your natural eyelashes getting damaged by eyelash extensions. The Viceting No Glue Dual Magnetic These magnetic beauties will stick to your lashes to give you the perfect length. They won’t irritate your eyes, and you can reuse them over and over again. Hum, a million times yes?!  

Bathroom Display

Say goodbye to those embarrassing bathroom stall walk-ins. In Taipei, public bathrooms have a women’s real-time bathroom display that lets them know when a bathroom stall becomes available for use or when it’s occupied. It also indicates when a stall isn’t available because of plumbing issues.  

The Ta Ta Towel

The Ta Ta Towel is comfortable to use and helps absorb breast milk leaks and sweat. It also holds the girls up and keeps them dry, especially during those excruciatingly long summer months when the A/C stops working.  

Infinity Scarf With Zipper Pocket

It comes in various colors like Navy, Plaid-4, and sparkle black. It also comes with a convenient zipper pocket, so you can store things like your cash, your keys, or your Smartphone. Plus, it’s soft, stretchy and stylish. A thief won’t even suspect that you’re keeping your valuables stored in there.  

The JuveRest

The sleep wrinkle pillow is a great way to help avoid facial aging. It reduces the amount of contact your face has on the surface of the pillow. In the long run, it keeps your skin nice and firm and prevents sleep wrinkle formation.

Written by Camila Villafane

Serial tea drinker. Professional wig snatcher. Content creator and video script writer who may or may not be John Leguizamo’s body double. If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.