Photos That Show Boredom Doesn’t Stand a Chance When Family Is Around

It seems like family life is full of routines, but actually, every day can surprise you with something unpredictable or funny. Even a small family fight in the car can become an adventure that will make your day.

We never get bored around family, and we want to share these pictures that prove your relatives are a source of fun.

Scary Prank

“My 8-year-old almost made me burn my house down.”

Misplacing Things

“So about 6 years ago I lost my wedding ring. I ended up getting a tattoo rather than replacing it. My wife just found it in an old purse.”

Mom Finds Things

“My son couldn’t find his sandwich.”

Not Buying Expensive Things Anymore

“$150.00 on a pool for this kid to figure out he’d rather be in a paint container.”

Horse’s Vision

“How to stop kids from fighting in the car”

Curly Hair, Don’t Care

“My curly-haired daughter decided she was going to use her step-mom’s brush.”

Baby Got Back

“My husband got a free ergonomic chair, the downside being that it came in a peach color fabric. He got black covers to go over it.”

Daughter Gets Mad

“I bought 6 doughnuts. She ate her 2. After telling her she couldn’t have my last doughnut, she grabbed the box and did this.”

Alien Inbound

“The NICU nurses called me E.T., as did my mother.”

Chicken Crosses The Road

“My dad sent me a picture this morning and said, ’It finally happened.’”

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