Rare Photographs That Show The Unseen Side Of Everyday Things

Life is such a precious gift and it’s always good to take a step back and realize what’s around us… and yep, I’m talking about the super weird stuff too.

We truly do live in a wondrous world full of medical marvels and nature’s crazy miracles. However, with the distractions of fake news and social media and, let’s be honest, the general ‘unsteady’ times that we’re living in at the moment, we do tend to forget all this pretty darn quickly.

I mean, people barely have time to stop and smell the roses these days, never mind think to open those roses to see what’s inside of them (spoiler alert: it’s pollen).

But trust me,  you’d be super surprised at what you’d find if you took a  closer, deeper look inside some of the things you pretty much see every day, but wouldn’t normally think twice about. Isn’t it wonderful what medical science can do these days? I didn’t even know it was possible to ‘clean’ a heart. Now… I wonder if it works for heartbreak?

The Giant Heads Of Easter Island Do Have Bodies

Surprise! Yes, they’re not just huge heads! They DO actually have bodies! Now if you don’t think that’s insane then I don’t know what else I can tell you.

This Is What A Baby Flamingo Looks Like

I’ve always wondered why we never see baby Pigeons, but I’m happy enough with seeing this cutie! This is SO adorable.

Grains Of Salt Under Electron Microscope

Who’d have thought that a simple grain of salt would look this stunning when you get close enough!? They look like something from Doctor Who! Not too sure I want it on my fries anymore though.

Aurora Of Different Planets

Did you know that other planets, as well as our Earth, could have Auroras!? I didn’t until now! I think Jupiter’s Aurora is particularly fabulous myself. Darn, we are so insignificant.

Large Ice Crystals In Switzerland

How unbelievable and beautiful is this!? It doesn’t even seem possible that something so complex and amazing could form all on its own, does it!? (Well, with a little help from my gal mother nature, of course.)

This Is An Intact Human Nervous System

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… THAT’s what’s inside of us!? Gross, but pretty freakin’ amazing, right!?

This Is What A Tiger’s Skin Looks Like When It’s Shaved

This doesn’t surprise me actually, I’m not sure why, but I guess I always thought it would be the same for Zebras too… if they had fur, that is. Guess they don’t need many trips to the salon to keep up with their highlights, do they!?

You Can See Every Organ In The Glass Frog

WOW. He looks like a little ornament that you’d have on top of your fireplace, doesn’t he!? There’s no way I’d be able to hold him, I’d be too terrified of hurting the poor little thing! I mean, talking about being naked… this is a whole other level.

This Globe For Blind People

Just because you are blind, doesn’t mean that you can’t travel the world! Or feel your way around it, thanks to this wonderfully adapted globe. As for me… I have one that opens up in the middle so I can hide all of my lovely wine inside of it.

An Agate Shell. Minerals Have Grown In The Voids Of The Shell And Eventually Replaced The Shell Too

How gorgeous are these!? I’d totally want one of my own… and if you do too, you’ll be happy to hear that they aren’t actually that rare and often end up in people’s private collections. Obviously, that doesn’t lower their beauty one bit… they’re still pretty freakin’ special.

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