Ridiculous Restaurant Fails That Have Us Cringing

Let’s face it: there are only so many different ways that a hamburger may be prepared and served. However, in order for restaurants to succeed in the competitive food industry of today, they need to give their dishes a distinctive twist. It’s really wonderful to receive a picture of an excellent meal that’s “worthy” of being posted on Instagram, but have some of these establishments gone too far with the presentation? The appalling plating circumstances give the impression that the answer is “yes,” which is sure to make your stomach turn.

Six Pack

At least by the time you’ve finished scraping all of your food off the top of this catastrophe, you’ll be able to console yourself by drinking six cans of Modelo and forgetting that you ever went to this restaurant in the first place.

Dog Bowl

There is no better way to encourage guests to eat down than by offering food in an actual dog dish. Don’t even bother with the doggie bag! The customers at this restaurant stuff their faces full of food from their bowls like the beasts that they are, and they don’t leave any scraps behind.

Bloody Mary

In this establishment, if you order a bloody mary, you will be treated to a dinner consisting of many courses! You are going to have to stow away an entire pizza, a sandwich, some chicken wings, and some onion rings before you can get to the straw. When you finally do find it, you won’t have room in your stomach for even a drink of it.

Shell Phone

It’s possible that the chef who approved this prawn shell phone predicament was a fan of Drake and was trying to make a pun on his song “Hotline Bling.” However, the customer was left extremely perplexed and was still pretty hungry after the experience.


Pinecones should be saved for the undertakings involving crafting. They do not provide anything of value, either aesthetically or culinaryly; all they do is add confusion. This poor sod payed for a few potato chips and a sad hard-boiled egg, in addition to the strange presentation of the food.


Nothing says “wonderful” quite like empanadas strung up on a line like laundry. Who among us hasn’t stood back and watched their clothes being blown around by the wind and thought to themselves, “Man, I wish I could eat like that!” No one you say? Exactly.

Kitchen Sink

Everything but the kitchen sink, but I guess we can forget about that now because they actually did include the sink. It has been somewhat of a fashion recently to serve food in sinks for whatever unexplainable reason. After the epidemic and after we have completed all of our handwashing procedures, perhaps we will be able to abandon this method of plating.

Watermelon Bowl

At least they utilized an edible vessel for this ramen bowl, but do you really think that using an entire watermelon is the best way to go about this? It seems like a lot of waste for just a few images to post on social media, and it would probably be comparable to carving a pumpkin.

Barbed Wire

To avoid scratching the dishes at this eatery, you’ll want to wear some really thick gloves. A few bits of food are served on a knot of barbed wire, so patrons should be aware that dining at this establishment comes with a high degree of danger and relatively little reward.

Shoe Tots

This restaurant in Las Vegas came up with an innovative strategy to compete with other large buffets in the city; they served their food in shoes that looked like they were from a thrift store. Are they free of dirt? They must have stolen them from a bowling alley, don’t you think? We do not have any answers, and it is highly unlikely that we ever will.

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