Struggles With Rainy Season We All Hate

Rain is the best method to cool off during the summer, so it’s no surprise that people look forward to the rainy season. But even for rainy season enthusiasts, the sheen of the monsoon eventually wears off, and all that remains is the sticky muck, the traffic, the humidity, and your saturated clothes. From mildew and fungus to roof leaks and moist walls, this season is all about trying to keep our home in excellent shape on the inside and out.

1. Unannounced Showers

You step out into a beautiful, sunny day. But as you approach your destination, you see dark clouds gathering overhead, and you remember that you forgot your umbrella at home. As unexpected as the shower may seem, it may quickly ruin an otherwise pleasant day if you’re not ready for it. But things won’t be wonderful even if you have an umbrella. It ensures that your head and at least 20% of your body remain dry. In the absence of wind, rain falls in a straight line, but in the presence of a torrent, it scatters in all directions. The rapid wind will also flip your umbrella inside out.

2. White Clothes

In the heat of summer, white is one of the most refreshing options for your wardrobe. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to wear white during the rainy season. White fabrics are more likely to become see-through after contact with water, and mud splatters may also occur. You should put all of your whites in one drawer and forget about them until next season.

3. Fizzy Hair

It’s true that the high humidity right before a rainfall may wreak havoc on your hair, but once the rain starts falling, you’ll wish you never experienced dry, bodacious locks again. You will forget how it used to appear, and the rain will leave your hair limp and sometimes smelling. Even if you manage to dry up after a shower, the next downpour will make that effort pointless.

4. Wet Shoes and Clothes

Finding rain boots that are also reasonably priced, stylish, and comfortable is a major challenge this time of year. Cloth, skin, or fur? Rubber boots are the only option. Wet socks are the worst, so let’s not even talk about them. What’s more, it stinks to high heaven. In a matter of seconds, the entire room is filled with a foul odor that forces us to flee for our life.

5. Moulds on Walls

Rain and mold are linked in a simple way: mold spores thrive on wet surfaces. Damage-causing fungi like mold and mildew love damp places to grow. If not dealt with properly, black mold may quickly grow throughout your home, taking over damp places like bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces. All sorts of health problems can arise if you ignore it.

6. Surprise Leaks

Besides flooding, leaks are a common problem during the wetter months. It seems like the ceiling, walls, and floors are all randomly springing leaks. It makes reasonable that basements would have more seepage and leaks during the wetter months. They are subjected to extreme pressure, particularly from the groundwater above them.

7. Traffic Jams

One of the most challenging conditions a driver may encounter is driving in the rain, be it a little drizzle or a heavy downpour. When it rains, accidents tend to rise. It doesn’t matter where you are in the globe, driving in the rain is always an unpleasant experience. As the rain soaks into the road, it serves as a lubricant, decreasing the amount of resistance that vehicles encounter. Attempts to stop or turn quickly are thwarted because the tires skid.

8. Power Outages

Power outages are more frequent during the rainy season because of the heavy downpours and gusty winds. Fuses could blow or electrical wires could be severed. Power outages can last for several days. To keep working even if the power goes out, you need have some batteries and power banks.

9. Absolute Horror of Public Transport

What could be worse than having your jeans get soaked from the bottom up while riding in a taxi, car, bus, or train and taking hours to dry? Nothing. No worse scenario is possible. Include a large number of people during the weekdays. Many drenched people are clinging to you, along with their wet umbrellas and coats. This is where we’ll have to leave off for now.

10. Wet Laundry

While the cool of the rainy season is often welcome after the heat of summer, it is not always so for our laundry. If the sun isn’t out, drying clothes will take longer. What’s more, you have to bring them inside and hang them up to dry when it rains. So, they stink badly and take days to dry.

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