Woman dies, is brought back to life after 27 minutes. Her message is spine-chilling

A woman’s “after-death” story has been going viral online. When Tina Hines’ was revived from a heart attack she was extremely emotional and able to recount strange memories from the seventeen minutes her heart had stopped.

Tina Hines is from Phoneix, Arizona, she is a mother to four children and had an exceptionally strange experience after suffering a cardiac arrest and being deemed technically dead for 27 minutes. When Hines was miraculously revived following the attack she was unable to speak, understandably overwhelmed by emotion.

However, the mother motioned to be given a pen and paper. All the newly-revived woman was able to write was two simple words; “It’s real”.

Those near to Tina at the time asked if she was referring to heaven in her note. She nodded, yes.

Most people who temporarily die after experiencing cardiac arrest are unable to recall the time in which they are unconscious, however, a minority are able to recall the events that occur when they are technically “dead”.

Tina described her experience as such; “It was so real. The colors were so vibrant.”

Tina described seeing a figure she believes was Jesus standing in front of a gate.

Tina Hines was released from the hospital a few weeks following her experience and her story has been debated widely with equal parts cynicism and hope.

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