Surprising Things Men Liked 50 Years Ago

Fifty years does not appear to be a really very long time within the huge scheme of issues, however, it’s sufficient time for issues to have drastically modified. The variations between the late 1960s and at the moment transcend the apparent, such because of the astonishing technological advances which were made since then. Magnificence requirements have been additionally shockingly completely different, reflecting the turbulence of the period. Listed below are among the most shocking issues that males discovered engaging 50 years in the past.

Lighter Tone Of Skin


Fair was considered to be beautiful and dusky and darker tones were looked down upon. Thanks to the rebellion by Afro-American women, in the world of fashion, color discrimination was stopped by the industry leaders.

Petite, Thin Bodies


Being thin was considered to be healthy and was to be made a part of the lifestyle until the doctors found out otherwise. Due to the preference for petite females, many women starved themselves to anorexia.

Flat Chested Women


This is a sin because bigger breasts are beautiful, but the man of the 1960s never understood the advantages and beauty of a woman’s bigger bosom.

Flat Butts


Just like bigger breasts were considered a sign of fatness, curvy butts were also not considered beautiful. It is clear the men of the 1960s were fools and did not understand the female anatomy at all.

Bare Legs


The bikini had just come in and had become a hot trend. Modest women were considered as prudes and legs were something that men began to lust for.



Unisex clothes were considered to be in trend as they were extremely hip and took away the sexual distinction and female subservience that was rampant in those days.

The Lolita Look


Movies were doing their bit in promoting various fashion styles. The Lolita look was considered the epitome of fashion and was extremely cool.

Braless Look


Women were tired of the restrictions that were imposed on them through various means, so they shunned the brassiere which was evidently uncomfortable in those times and the braless look came into trend.

Long, Straight Hair


Straight hair was preferred over curly locks and men liked it long. A bob or a short hairstyle was shunned and was considered a strict no-no for women.

Women Subservience


Sounds silly, but men undermined and dominated men on purpose in every walk of life. The women of yesteryears needed male consent for having a bank account in their own name.

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