Easy Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

Life has a lot of challenges! There are big ones and then there are small ones. Have you ever tried to figure out how to store the lids of your cooking pots or how to paint your nails without having the polish run or making a grilled cheese sandwich in a toaster? Life hacks for such tasks make our life easier. Daily challenges like the one we mentioned above make many frustrations. , life hacks are all about making your life better.

Settle in and read the 10 life hacks that you and everyone else should know –

How To Fit One Pizza In A Pan


If you want to cook two pizzas but only have one pan, then all you need to do is cut them up to make sure they fit in one pan. Cut the pizza bases in halves and place them in the corners.

Make Extra Space In The Kitchen With A Cutting Board


If your kitchen space is tight, try this smart hack. Just place a cutting board in a drawer and you have extra counter space you need.

An Easy Way To Test The Freshness Of Eggs


Eggs don’t have a clear expiration date because these details are on temporary crate and you could easily lose track of their freshness. Let them float in a bowl of water as a test because fresh eggs sink in the water completely.

How To Make Hard And Cold Butter Spreadable In No Time


Have you ever tried to spread cold butter and found that it doesn’t work? A cheese grater is a perfect way to get cold butter spreadable in no time.

Steaming Up The Shirts Directly


You don’t need anything fancy to steam your clothes. Just hang them up over a boiling pot of water on the stove. You can also hang them in the bathroom during a steamy shower.

A Rubber Band Can Be Used To Grip A Stripped Screw


If you are struggling to get a stripped screw in or out of the wall, just put a rubber band between the screwdriver and the screw to make it easy to grip.

Command Hooks Can Hold Plastic Bags On Bins


Having your garbage bags slip into your trash can is super annoying, isn’t it? Help keep them upright with a couple of well-placed command hooks. Now you can have peace of mind.

Wine Can Be Cooled With Frozen Grapes


Want to cool your wine without watering it down because of the ice? Instead of using ice cubes, toss in a couple of frozen grapes and you will have an original tasting drink.

A Makeshift Corkscrew Made Out Of A Screw And Pliers


Have you ever wanted a glass of wine but found yourself frustrated because you couldn’t find a corkscrew? Just reach into your toolbox or junk drawer in a pinch.

Microwave Two Bowls In One Go


To get two meals ready in one go, place one bowl on top of a mug. That will make some extra space. Now no one has to wait for their food because you have to go to the microwave twice.

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