10 Important Survival Tips That Everybody Needs To Know

It’s no secret that there are two types of people in this world: those who are confident in their abilities to survive the wilderness or a nuclear fallout without a single problem… and those who, well, know they’d probably last about 5 seconds before falling apart entirely (i.e. ME). If you happen to be just like me – in other words, completely useless – then never fear! All you need to do is read the following list and you’ll be building treehouses in the jungle using nothing but a plastic spoon and a piece of string in no time. A month ago a Reddit user asked, “What are some life-saving tips you think people need to know and in what situation would they be used?“ – and I’m pretty sure that most of us could benefit from the responses below.

What To Do If You See A Service Dog Without Their Owner?

Okay, the first one I’m going to start with is crazy important. SO many people have service animals these days… and yes, okay, not all of them are “legitimate” but the ones that are are really important and incredibly necessary. SO If a service dog comes to you for attention, try your best to immediately locate their owner, because it means they’re in trouble and they need your help urgently!

What To Do After A Nuclear Explosion?

This is possibly one of the most terrifying threats known to man right now… but it is literally never talked about. Hopefully, we NEVER find ourselves in this situation, but if we freakin’ do, it’s always good to know what steps to take.

How To Call For Help In A Public Area?

“If you find yourself hurt in a public place, direct your pleas to one person, not to the crowd cause everyone will think that ”somebody else will help you”. It is called the bystander effect.”

If You’re Lost – Stop Freaking Out.

Getting lost is never fun, especially if you have a shoddy sense of direction like myself. The most important thing to remember if you do happen to get lost is DON’T. PANIC. If you ever get lost, the first thing to do is stop moving. Sit down, stop freaking out, and think. If you give in to panic and lose your head, you can screw things up so badly for yourself that help will never find you.

If You Think You’re Being Followed – Turn Right Four Times

If you’re a super celebrity like me (Oh, how I make myself laugh) you’ll definitely need to know how to shake off somebody who seems to be suspiciously making all the same moves as you are. If you think you’re being followed turn right four times. Since you’ll get to the same place they shouldn’t be following you anymore. If they do, you might be in trouble. Since it’s a common warning that you shouldn’t go home when you think someone is following you, the smartest is to go to a police station.

Seek Shelter If Your Hair Starts Floating Before A Storm

Yeah, I know this one sounds pretty silly, but it’s also pretty freakin’ important information to know that I bet most people do not (I know I certainly didn’t!) If you’re outside in a lightning storm and your hair starts floating, seek immediate shelter. You’re about to be struck by lightning. If immediate (within 15 seconds of movement) shelter is not available, put both your feet together, squat down on the balls of your feet, and grab your ankles. If you’re stuck, this will give the lightning a direct path down to the ground and hopefully minimize damage.

How To Save Yourself And Others From Drowning?

If you fall into the water, don’t panic. You don’t have to be able to swim; you just have to float. Hold your breath and let yourself bob to the surface. If someone is in trouble in the water, they will absolutely kill you in mindless panic. Bring something with you – a float, a rope, a towel – and use that to bridge the gap between you so you can tow the person in. If you must make direct contact, come up from behind and slip your arm across the victim’s chest. Pull the victim’s back to your chest and keep his/her arms facing away from you. I’ve been in the death grip of a fat little 8-year-old and he nearly took me out. If a panicked drowner does grab you, do everything in your power to go down toward the bottom. Most will let go; that’s the last place they want to go. Recognize that even if you are both a strong swimmer and a trained rescuer, you are still risking your own life if you go to the aid of a swimmer in trouble. Take it very seriously.

The Rule Of Three – Getting Lost In The Desert

If you are lost in the desert, or a lot of places for that matter, the number one thing you can carry to increase your chances of being found is a small reflective mirror. Anytime a plane flies overhead you can reflect light towards them and you greatly increase your chances of being found. This seriously is more important than carrying more water with you (not that water doesn’t help, it’s just not realistic to carry that much water on your back). Furthermore, if you get stranded in the desert with a vehicle, do not leave your vehicle to find people. You are a lot harder to see than your vehicle and your car can provide shelter (your car has some good reflective mirrors to signal with, especially the rearview mirror). People die all the time doing this, often found only mere miles from their car. Finally, the universal sign for needing to be rescued is waving two arms up and down. If you wave only one arm to a passing plane, you will not be helped, or at least are less likely to be helped. Also, because a few people have been wondering what to do if you can’t use both of your arms, there is another universal way to signal for help that is more versatile. The way I can best describe it is three of anything quick signals. Three gunshots, three whistle blows three flashes of a flashlight, three flashes from a reflective mirror, etc. Just make sure they are spaced widely enough (at least one second) and that you spend considerable time before making your next three signals. There have been many deaths that could have been prevented had this advice been followed.

How To Know If Someone Is Drowning

A person who is drowning doesn’t look like people drowning on TV. When someone is drowning they rarely cry out, can’t wave their arms around, and will often just bob/sink at the surface for a very little while, often gasping, before submerging. Don’t expect it to look like the movies when you’re keeping an eye on swimmers.

How To Remove A Sharp Object From A Deep Wound

Do not pull objects (knife, glass, splinter, etc) from a deep wound. They might be sealing or slowing flow from an artery or they might cut an artery when you pull them out. Put pressure around such an object to slow bleeding till emergency responders take over.

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