Nutritionist Shows How You Can Lose Weight With A Few Simple Food Swaps

Like most dieters, you probably know what it’s like to hit a plateau. In the beginning, you started off by working your butt off at the gym and making some great food choices. You managed to lose a lot of weight too. But one day, you weighed yourself and had to do a double take when you saw the scale. Much to your horror, you didn’t lose a single pound. You never changed your diet or skipped a single Zumba class. So what went wrong?

Now you probably want to know if there’s anything you could do to lose some extra pounds. But here’s the thing. The number on the scale doesn’t mean anything! What matters is the fact that you’re still getting nutrients, eating healthy foods, and sticking to your weight loss goals. It ain’t easy losing weight, but nutrition blogger Amanda Meixner believes you can save your waistline and your health by swapping some unhealthy food choices with much healthier ones. And she’s got 1.1 million Instagram followers who are total believers!


Choose Nutrients Over Calories


Your morning coffee and breakfast sandwich are worth about an entire day’s worth of calories. But you can eat more throughout the day if you choose nutrient-dense food items over calorie dense meals. You’ll look and feel better too.


You Can Still Have Smoothies, Burritos, And Chocolate


Make a homemade protein shake instead of buying a smoothie that’s full of sugar. Plus, you’ll find that a burrito bowl has fewer carbs and calories if you take the wrap out of the equation. And you can still eat chocolate for dessert as long as you opt for dark chocolate instead of a candy bar.


Lose Weight By Eating More


Load up your plate with tons of veggies and eggs and you’ll end up losing weight. You’ll also feel fuller and won’t have to worry about getting any unhealthy cravings between meals. You’ll reap more health benefits in the process, too.


Switch From High To Low Calorie Foods


Banana chips seem healthy, but you’ll get a whole lot more from an actual banana. You won’t be prone to overeating throughout the day either. Also, that morning bagel has way too many calories so if you want to shed a couple of pounds, switch to a low-calorie option like rice cakes. But don’t forget to chug it down with a healthy drink like Kombucha, which only has 12 grams of sugar.


Real Strawberries VS Strawberry Drinks


Frozen strawberry drinks have too much sugar. So consider having a nice bowl of strawberries instead. And if you like to spice things up, make your own smoothie by throwing some ice, milk, Splenda, and strawberries into the blender. Your waist will thank you for it!


You Can Still Do Starbucks


You can still sit at Starbucks and enjoy a nice chat with your friends. But if you’re on a diet, order the Venti Iced Coffee with sugar-free Vanilla. It’s only 5 calories versus the 270 calories in a Venti Iced Vanilla Latte. Do you see the difference a high-calorie drink makes versus the sugar-free version?


You Can Even Switch Your Snacks


You probably thought Granola bars were healthy, but they have 15 grams of sugar and only 1 gram of fiber. So try almonds and dark chocolate instead, which contain 4 grams of sugar and 8 grams of fiber. Delicious!


Switch Out Your Pasta


Pasta lovers, rejoice! You don’t have to give up the thing you love most in the world. You can easily replace regular pasta with chick pea pasta which has more protein and fiber. It’s a far healthier alternative and it’s oh-so delicious too.


Ditch The Ritz For Some Veggies


Ritz are tasty, so are most other crackers. But there are 100 calories per serving. Plus, Ritz crackers are also loaded with carbs and salt. So why not try eating a bunch of veggies instead? They’re only 44 calories and are loaded with nutrients and vitamins. If you want to add a touch of flavor, make a guacamole dip!


Try The Healthier Wrap


We love flour tortillas, so we can’t imagine anything subbing them when we make soft shell tacos. But 4 small tortillas are 240 calories whereas 4 lettuce shells are only 5 calories. If you’re trying to cut down on calories and look slimmer, then reach for the lettuce shells next time you’re craving tacos.


Eat The Right Kind Of Sugar

Instagram/@meowMeix via Bored Panda

Jelly beans are delicious but they contain a bunch of ingredients which aren’t exactly healthy for you, especially the sugar and the calories. But you can still satiate your sweet tooth by eating a bowl of watermelon. It’s rich in sweetness, as well as Vitamins A and C.


It’s All About Eating And Feeling Better


It’s tough saying no to fast food with our busy lives. But you can eat healthier foods with fewer calories and feel spectacular if you just take a second and make yourself a home cooked meal with nutritious ingredients. Your body will thank you for it!

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