A Depressed 17-Year-Old Asked Reddit To Roast Him, But He Never Expected Them To React This Way

A 17-year-old Russian teen was so depressed, he wanted a reason to end it all. So, Reddit user, u/MufasaQuePasa uploaded his photo to RoastMe, a subreddit where people throw shade at each other. The teenager captioned the photo, “17-year-old Russian with crippling depression” which left many users dumbfounded. He added, “Give me a reason to end it all.” But the Russian teen didn’t get the reaction he was expecting. In fact, people pretty much went against community guidelines and begged him to keep fighting at least one more day.


Give Me A Reason

Reddit / RoastMe

17-year-old Redditor, u/MufasaQuePasa didn’t ask for a reason to live when he posted his photo on r/RoastMe. He wanted quite the opposite, in fact. But he wasn’t expecting Redditors on this thread to show him so much compassion and understanding.


Stay With Us

Reddit / RoastMe

Reddit user u/Dadofpsycho shared the story of his son and how he had passed away because of his crippling depression. He asked u/MufasaQuePasa not to follow the same path and get the help he needed, and most importantly, to stay alive and not let his story end there.


There’s More To Life

Reddit / RoastMe

Meanwhile, another Redditor that goes by the name, u/el_MomoGee suggested he try a different type of roasting, like the kind that’s a little nuttier. He also advised that he needed to get some professional help so that he could work through his issues and enjoy the fruits life still had to offer him.


Virtual Hug

Reddit / RoastMe

The r/RoastMe subreddit is usually full of vicious vipers, as Reddit user, u/Garage_Dragon put it. But these vipers didn’t sting the Russian teen. Well, they kind of did, but instead of poison, they used love, support, and a virtual hug. How cool is that? He may have asked for a reason to say goodbye to this Earth, but these kind and compassionate strangers wanted to show him the many reasons why life was worth living. But did it have an effect on the teen?


Last Thing You Need

Reddit / RoastMe

It seemed like u/MufasaQuePasa was pretty much down in the dumps. The last thing he needed was a roasting to push him off the edge. Fortunately, members like u/Uktarget felt the same way and offered sound advice in lieu of ripping him a new one.


A Small World

Reddit / RoastMe

It turns out that one of the teen’s roasters was a lot closer to him than he realized. u/Midnightmodding went to the same school and lived in the same building as u/MufasaQuePasa, and unlike most high school students, this one wasn’t interested in teasing or making things worse. He just really wanted to help out.


Wearing The Same Eyes

Reddit / RoastMe

Reddit user, u/AlienInAHumanSuit read u/MufasaQuePasa’s request but wasn’t planning on honoring it. He recognized the pain and sadness in his eyes and refused to cause any further damage to an already fragile individual. But he did offer to listen.


Win Your Battle!

Reddit / RoastMe

Redditor, u/Kyragirl_1 knew what the teen was going through because her daughter was going through the motions, too. So, she couldn’t bring herself to roast him either. She encouraged him to win his battle with depression by getting himself some help.


A Whole Other Subreddit

Reddit / RoastMe

The story made it into another subreddit called r/Wholesemememes where it went viral really fast. Soon, people like u/Montiplerpin pointed out that these Redditors who offered encouragement instead of roasting had given him hope. But did all these words of encouragement help u/MufasaQuePasa survive another day?


There’s Kindness Out There

Reddit / RoastMe

User, u/Something-sketchy noted that when facing the worst of the worst, people are capable of unexpected acts of kindness, and he’s absolutely right. Whenever something horrible happens in the news, you’ll notice there’s always a group of unknown heroes, ready to help out. There’s always someone who’s willing to drop everything in order to help out their fellow human beings.


Day By Day

Reddit / RoastMe

Thankfully, many people heard the teen’s cry for help, and they advised him to go ahead and fall in front of them because they would most likely catch him. Unfortunately, he hasn’t responded to any of the responses he got on the thread. But his post did encourage people to talk about depression and how they managed to pull through. Fortunately, u/MufasaQuePasa has been active on other threads on Reddit. So we’re hoping all these wholesome comments resonated with him and he’s getting treatment. Now people are begging the Redditor to, “Get help first, get better, then come back so we can rip you a new one!”

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