These Facts About Intercourse Will Turn On Your Brain

The carnal life of a person is one of the most important things in their lives and there is a lot that one can learn about it. This hormonal adventure is more than the connection between two bodies. It is one of the best things that the human body can do in order to bring satisfaction to the mind as well. Everyday is a new day to learn something and today it is all about human coitus.

Every Tenth Baby In Europe Is Conceived On An IKEA Bed

This was the result of a study published in ‘Ikea Forever’, an article published by the New York Times. While the source was not confirmed, people widely accepted the study since IKEA is one of the largest suppliers of home furniture in the world.

The Almost Name For The G-Spot

Women often complain that men are unable to find their G-spot. Did you know that it was almost going to be named as Whipple Tickle, after the name of Professor Beverly Whipple? She also published a book by the name of Whipple Tickle to tell the world about the discovery of the G-Spot.

Women Fantasize About Other Guys In Bed

British adult toy brand LoveHoney conducted a survey and found that nearly 46% of the women in the world fantasize about other guys when they are in bed with their significant other. The next time, ask your girl who she fantasizes about and watch her lie through her teeth.

The Reason Why Corn Flakes Were Invented

In the late 19th century, there were a lot of teenagers who were jerking off constantly. John Harvey Kellogg, a physician of the time, was quite uncomfortable with coitus and believed that it was unhealthy for the mind, soul, and the body. In order to reduce the temptation to handle his own bird, he created the Corn Flakes.

Apples Can Boost Your Reproductive Health

The Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics had a study posted in it in 2014 which stated that eating an apple every day can help maintain the overall reproductive health and lubrication in the body.

The Way To A Woman’s Climax

If you are spending too much time down there trying to get your woman to come, you should come back up. A brain imaging study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine stated that the stimulation of the breasts of a woman cause the brain to be lit up in the same manner as when the woman is involved in coitus.

All The Good Things About Semen

Clifford J. Ponsonby, a psychologist at the State University of Washington, conducted a study in which he got the results that the human semen has many nutritional values apart from being an anti-wrinkling agent. He also found that women who tend to swallow the semen tend to have a better and healthy life.

The Origination Of Clitoris

You will be rather surprised to know that the word ‘clitoris’ is a word out of the Greek language and it means “divine and goddess like”. This was one of the earliest references to the divine sexuality of women.

The Average Production Of Sperm

The sperm ejaculated in one cycle is somewhere between 1 to 2 teaspoons. By this factor, an average person with a healthy sexual life would produce nearly 40 gallons or 500 billion sperm in his lifetime.

The Second Most Common Place For Intercourse

In the United States of America, the second most common place for couples to engage in intercourse is the backseat of a car. This was beaten by the bedroom, which still remains the most preferred location for coitus. In a survey, 36% of the people responded to their favorite place being their parents’ bedroom. Gross!

The Sexiest Country In The World

Greece is the sexiest country in the world. A survey showed that an average Greek gets lucky nearly 138 times in a year while the global average is stuck at 103 times a year.

What Would Ensure That You Get Lucky?

A study showed that the men who tend to help around the household with chores and other housework tend to get lucky often more than the men who do not. This shows that women like to be helped and tend to appreciate the effort too.

Coitus With 919 Men In A Single Day

Adult entertainment star Lisa Sparxxx set this record during Eroticon 2004. It was a part of the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship and Lisa sure came out on top. And the bottom!

The Kinkiest States In The United States Of America

The kinkiest states ranked by the popular adult movie networks are Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, West Virginia, and Oregon. The interesting and odd thing about this survey was that California was positioned last in the list.

Phallic Objects Preferred By Women

The first preference of a woman is to go for a vibrator. However, if a vibrator is not available, women choose to go for candles as a replacement for the male genitalia. It seems like a good choice since candles are available in the household and are long and thick.

Most Couples After Intercourse Do This

According to a study, most of the couples tend to go online to their social media accounts in their bed after having intercourse. Facebook was the most preferred social media in this survey, followed by Twitter.

Want Your Woman To Come Faster?

If you are in bed with your girl and she is taking a long time to climax, chances are that she is having cold feet, literally. You should look for a warm pair of socks and you will see the results much faster.

Want To Have Wet Dreams? Do This

Calvin Kai-Ching Yu of Shue Yan University, Hong Kong says that sleeping on your stomach with your arms over your head can increase the chances of you having erotic dreams. The reason given by him for this statement is that the position slows down the flow of blood in the chest and decreases the levels of oxygen in the body which leads to the unconscious mind to relate to asphyxiation.

People Preferred Coffee Over Coitus

A survey was conducted and more than half the people in the survey said that they could go a lot longer without coitus than they could without coffee.

Straight Women Climax Less Often

Homosexual women tend to climax 74.7% of the time while the straight women climax just 61.6% of the time.

The Most Successful Adult Movie Of All Time

In the history of all the X-rated movies of all time, Deepthroat is the greatest movies since it has made the most money over time.

Romance Heightens The Experience Of Coitus

American Sociological Association says that the best experience that you will have is with the person that you love since romance and commitment increases the passion during the coitus.

Working Out Can Lead To Orgasms

This is known as a coregasm and people who work on their core abdominal muscles tend to have more of these experiences during their workouts.

Arousals Are Faster When Wine Is Involved

The scent of wine in a room can replicate the ‘human pheromones’ that causes the increase in sexual arousal in both women and men.

The Country With The Kinkiest Threesomes

Involving three people in coitus is quite a fete and it turns out that the Australians are the most receptive people to threesomes and 28% of the people admitted to being a part of it.

Phallic Toys Were Invented Before The Wheel

Art from more than 30,000 years ago shows women using phallic toys as a part of their pleasure time. This art is from the Upper Paleolithic era.

The Reason Behind The Existence Of Pubic Hair

Scientists do not know the reason behind the existence of pubic hair. “It [may act] as gatekeeper for preventing dirt from entering the vagina,” Sherry Ross, M.D., an ob/gyn at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, tells SELF.

People Use Their Phones While Doing It

Every fifth person in Europe and USA admitted to using their mobile phones while they were in the middle of intercourse. This was just quick checks on their device to look for notifications.

The Most Common Cause Of Penile Rupture

One of the most common reasons behind the rupture of the male genitalia is vigorous masturbation.

Women Open To The Idea Of Oral Pleasure

A study published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, women with at least a college education are always more open to the idea of of giving and receiving oral pleasure.

People Get Laid Everyday

100 million people get laid on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons why coitus is the most powerful thing in the world.

Things That Swell During Intercourse

Apart from the breasts and the genitals, there is another part of the body that swells up during intercourse. This is the inner part of your nose which happens due to the increased blood flow.

Animals That Have Oral Intercourse

Apart from humans, bats and bears are known to indulge in oral pleasure towards each other. This is according to an article published in Zoo Biology and it was published by a Croatian team of biologists.

Increasing The Health Of Your Menstrual Cycle

Getting laid at least once a week can help increase the health of your menstrual cycle since it helps you get relief from menstrual cramps.

Increasing The Blood Flow Down There

The scent of lavender and pumpkin pie can help increase the blood flow in the male genitalia. This is according to the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Men That Last Three Times Longer In Bed

A Turkish study from 2010 resulted that overweight men can last three times as long as skinny people.

The Original Function Of A Vibrator

The vibrator was made in order to fight the symptoms of anxiety during hysteria in the 19th century. However, today people walk around with vibrators and also suffering from anxiety.

American Employees Having Intercourse With Their Co-workers

The human resources department in the United States of America have collected data that shows that one in every five American employee has had intercourse with one or more of their coworkers.

The First Creature To Have Coitus On Earth

This was the Funisia dorothea and it was nearly 30 million years ago.

Men Can Fake Orgasms Too

The University of Kansas conducted a study in which it showed that one in four guys fake their orgasms. We guess it is not a thing just for the women.

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