How to Stay Connected to Your Kids When You Travel for Work

Being a parent is a tough job under any circumstances, but it can be even more of a headache when mom or dad has to travel for work. This makes connecting with kids extremely difficult, especially if they’re little but fortunately, it’s not impossible. So here are some fun ways to connect with kids every traveling-for-work parent should try.


Text, Email, Voicemail

No child should ever feel like their mommy or daddy has chosen work over them. But when duty calls, a parent has to go. Thankfully, technology is a total lifesaver because moms and dads can leave adorable good morning or good night texts. Kids will also appreciate getting an e-mail or even a voicemail asking how their day was at school.


Video Conferencing Works Too

Texts and emails are nice, but children want to see their parents. Fortunately, apps like Skype and Facetime ensure families stay connected even when they’re miles apart. It might not be as awesome as actually being there to read a child a bedtime story or tuck them in at night, but it’s better than nothing.


Find a Travel Buddy

Taking the kids on a trip isn’t always an option. But borrowing one of their stuffed toys might be just the thing to maintain that awesome connection with the little ones. It’s even more special when a son or daughter give their parents their toys to keep them safe. Mommy or daddy can even take photos of their trip along with the stuffed toys they let them borrow and send them to their kids through Whatsapp. How cool would that be?


Create a Travel Calendar Together

Sit with the kids, grab a sheet of cardboard paper and some markers, and create a travel calendar together. But let the kids plan any extracurricular activities or restaurants to visit. Although they won’t get to be there in person, at least they’ll know they had a hand in helping their parents plan their day. Plus, think of the kick they’ll get at scratching off the days until their parents get home.


Use The HomeTeam App to Play

Think of the HomeTeam app as Skype but with lots of cool stuff parents and kids can do like playing games together. There’s also a generous selection of ebooks, including Disney classics they can read together. The app works with desktops and tablets, so families can stay connected no matter where they are. But of course, the obvious advantage of this app is the ability to video chat. Parents can enjoy a free month trial to use the app and then pay $8.95 a month going forward. But who can put a price on staying connected with the family?


Prep an Awesome Welcome Home Feast

Turn a homecoming into a freaking holiday! Kids will definitely enjoy helping out with the cooking. Prepping mommy or daddy’s favorite meal is certainly a plus, but letting them bake a few treats is even better! Cakes and cookies certainly make anyone happy! Plus, there’s all the house decorating, which kids can plan and set up. This will keep their little minds excited and busy so their little hearts won’t have time to break because they miss mommy or daddy. It also keeps them thinking of their family while creating some cherished memories they’ll treasure forever.

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