10 Super Fun Ways to Burn 500 Calories


You can lose a pound a week if you burn 500 extra calories every day. But that’d be really exhausting! We have some interesting and entertaining alternatives that are guaranteed to burn at least 500 calories. Plus, these vigorous workouts are way more fun than spending three hours in the elliptical!


Garden For An Hour And A Half


Your garden is like nature’s gym. There are weeds that need pulling and lawns that need mowing. Rake the yard once you’re done or trim the hedges with some clippers and build some arm muscles in the process.


Do Zumba For An Hour


Zumba incorporates dance and aerobic moves. If you give it everything you’ve got during class, you can actually burn about 500 calories a day doing one hour of Zumba. So squat, lunge, and dance those calories away.


Play The Guitar Like A Rockstar


It sounds insane but you can also burn 500 calories by playing the guitar for two hours and ten minutes. But you have to be standing up the entire time. So, move around the stage or the living room like a rockstar and watch how fat starts melting away!


Jump Rope, Burn Calories


You can jump rope for 42 minutes to burn 500 calories. But the downside is that you’ll wake up the next day with calf muscles that are horribly sore. So keep those cold compresses handy. You’ll need them! You could also do two 21-minute sessions in two days and burn those 500 cals!


Rock Climb For 40 Minutes


Rock climbing and hanging on for dear life for 40 minutes will help you meet your 500-calorie burning quota. But you might want to wear a helmet and a harness. One mishap and it’s a long way to the bottom.


Shovel Snow For 50 Minutes


Burn calories in the winter! Grab a shovel and start shoveling snow from your front yard and sidewalk. If you get done early, do something kind and help your next door neighbors out by shoveling their yards too. 50 minutes of snow-shoveling fun, and you’ll easily burn 500 calories. That’s seriously insane!


Play Volleyball And Burn


Play volleyball at the gym for an hour and 45 minutes. If you’re pressed for time, go to the beach and play in the sand for 50 minutes and burn 500 calories a little faster. You’ll also tone your entire body in the process.


Do Nothing For 7.25 Hours


Did you know you could burn 500 calories by lying still and quiet for 7.25 hours? Neither did we. But this is one activity that we could all use a lot more of. You can literally do this “workout” in your sleep.


Run Up And Down The Stairs


Run up and down the stairs for 45 minutes to burn off 500 calories. You can also go to the gym and use a step exercise machine. Sprint for a steady minute and then keep a slower pace for 5. Repeat, and you’ll burn some extra calories. But bring some music with a beat to keep you motivated till you reach your goal.


Eat And Burn


You can burn 100 calories an hour when you eat. So if you eat for 5 hours you’ll burn 500 calories. That’s kind of cool, right? On the downside, it’s a bit counterproductive to lose calories and shovel them back inside.

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