12 Times People Wished Restaurants Wouldn’t Have Tried to Impress Them

Going to a fancy and expensive restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get appetizing dishes. So, netizens have been going on sites like wewantplates.com and using social media to share the unusual way some restaurants serve food to their customers. Some of them are way too ostentatious while others… well, they will make you want to go on a diet.


Bread with Roadkill


We wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but it’s more than likely we’d do both here. It looks like someone hollowed out roadkill and stuck a piece of bread inside. This would immediately ruin anyone’s appetite.


Apple Pastry on an iPad


We get that hipsters love this kind of thing. But most patrons would find it absurd to be eating an apple pastry desert served on a photo of a plate. It’s ridiculous. Plus, we’re sure there’s one or two patrons who snuck their “plate” into their bag.


Burger and Fries in a Bowl

This restaurant put fries in a bowl and topped it with mini-burgers. Can you imagine how soggy those fries are going to get from all the steam? We’d tell them to take this garbage back to the kitchen and serve us our food on a plate.


Dessert in a Bed Pan


One person went to Cuba and got their dessert served to them in this ceramic bedpan. We’re sure that chocolatey looking treat would have looked more appetizing if it had been served on a plate. Just saying!


Bloody Mary in a Fry Basket


A Bloody Mary is a liquid and should be served in a glass not a plastic bag inside a fry basket. This just looks plain unappetizing. This makes it seem like someone stole a donation from the blood bank and served it to a restaurant patron.


Hors D’oeuvres on a Napkin


You’re going to have to ask for an extra napkin if you’re going to eat these Hors D’oeuvres like this. Does the restaurant actually clean those afterward and reuse them? Hopefully, this wasn’t the main course.


Broccoli on a Metal Tree


Maybe they were trying to recreate those talking trees from “The Lord of the Rings” when they impaled broccoli on the branches of this metal tree. They should just light this on fire and use it as a flaming centerpiece.


The Snowboarding Pizza


This one isn’t too bad just as long as the snowboard wasn’t previously used. We’d hate to think what that pizza would taste like after someone put their stinky, dirty snow boots on top of it.


Cheese Foam on Your Hand


How would you feel if a waiter spooned some cheese foam onto the back of your hand so you could lick it off like a cat? We hope they warned their patrons in advance, so they could wash their hands first before eating it.


Hanging Ravioli


Food strung up so it gets cold faster? Most people would prefer ravioli on a plate with some sauce and some cheese sprinkled on top. But ravioli hanging on a clothesline? No thanks. We think we’ll pass on this.


Dish on a Fish Bowl


This is actually pretty sad. Some might even say it’s animal cruelty to put a hot plate on top of a bowl with living fish trying to survive in shallow water. The fact that they’re sitting at the bottom in an indication that those fishes aren’t doing all that well.


Sand in Your Soup


There aren’t a lot of foodies out there who would actually enjoy ordering a soup that comes in a rectangular bowl full of sand. Hopefully, that sand is edible because it’s going to get in the soup.

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