Every Student Wishes They Had These Teachers

School can be super draining at times with all the tests and homework that teachers assign. Some teachers just love giving their students a hard time, while other teachers try to do anything possible to make you learn a subject. I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of bad teachers (yeah I’m talking about you Ms. Smoot), but here we are going to focus on the amazing teachers that some students were so lucky to have. Brace yourself as you wouldn’t believe how amazing these teachers are.

Christmas Time

With holidays just around the corner, it is perfect to start with this amazing teacher. First of all, he dressed as the Virgin Mary for the school play, he has a wig and everything. But what makes him so special is the fact that he brought his baby girl to be his prop. There is little to say that the audience was thrilled to watch this, and the students, of course, were happy to be a part of it.

A True Role Model

This teacher is a true superhero. A student had to bring his kid to class because nobody could take care of him. In the middle of the class, the baby started crying, and this lovely man decided to calm him down. He took him in his arms without breaking off his lecture. That, what we call a true role model.

Looking Like Clowns

Don’t forget, equality is not a topic of discussion anymore, it is something that we all have to support. Teachers also should help us to understand that. This one did that in a hilarious way. One student told him that gay people couldn’t be allowed to get married because they looked like clowns. The next day, this teacher came to school dressed as a clown just to teach him a lesson. Brilliant!

Protesting Crazy Decisions

This has to be our favorite one! In this school, finals were being held at 7 in the morning, and this teacher wasn’t having it! So, he decided to protest against this crazy decision. His way to do that was ingenious- he showed up wearing pajamas. As we can see from the look on his face, he is not an early bird. But who is after all?

Creative Failure

LOL! Isn’t this the most creative way to mark someone’s test that you have ever seen? Don’t you ever doubt again that there are some incredibly witty teachers that will make you laugh out loud. This one is for sure one of them- he used this ‘The Lord of the Rings’ remark in a spectacular way. So, if you are trying to be a smartass don’t forget- You Shall Not Pass!

Striking Poses

Who says that yearbook pictures have to be boring and always the same? If you also think like that, these teachers will change your mind. Every year they come up with some new ideas, so their pictures look astounding. Here you can see a couple of them, and we cannot wait to see what they are planning to do next year.

A True Artist

This is really astonishing! This teacher’s drawing skills are insane, and he is using them in order to inspire his students. Sadly, nowadays not many teachers do this, so it is very important to give a shout-out to those who do. If you are a teacher as well, try doing this for your students, they will be forever thankful.

The Missed Lectures

This story is heart-breaking so you better prepare your wipes because you are about to cry. This boy has cancer and therefore he is in hospital. But his teacher visits him every day and takes him through all missed lectures. He is probably the best, and the most compassionate teacher ever, and he deserves all the respect of this world.


One more teacher who takes yearbook pictures very seriously. That seriously that he has been wearing the same clothes in school pictures for over 40 years. What a way to be remembered! No one can say that he is not dedicated and that the school doesn’t mean a lot to him.

Waiting To Suspend Her

We are thrilled with this one, but we can bet that the girl inside the bathroom wasn’t as happy as we are. Let’s fill you in, the girl was smoking in the bathroom, so this teacher was waiting for her outside so he could suspend her. If nothing, he was respecting her privacy and didn’t want to interrupt her. Good for both of them!

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