Hilarious Stories of “Tooth Fairy” Experiences From Kids and Parents

If your kids believe in the Tooth Fairy, then it goes without saying that you have to get up to some shenanigans in order to keep up with that charade. From bald-faced lies to clever and creative excuses, parents have had to come up with all sorts of tricks to keep the magic going, even if they don’t always work out. Here are some hilarious “Tooth Fairy” stories, told from the perspective of both kids and parents.

Quid Pro Quo

Once a clever kid realizes that they can get money for their teeth, you can bet they are going to try and find a way to cheat the system. Generally speaking, those attempts don’t work particularly well on parents, since the craftiness of children tends to pale in comparison to adults.

Still, you have to applaud them for trying, and a good parental Tooth Fairy will find a way to make sure the kid gets exactly what they asked for with their schemes.

Where it Was Lost

Baby teeth tend to be pretty small, so when they fall out, they could easily get lost in various places. Sometimes, that includes drains, such as toilets or sinks. When that happens, a kid might be distraught, since the tooth has to go under their pillow for money to get paid.

Thankfully, the Tooth Fairy is very understanding and can easily make the tooth for money exchange even if the tooth is lost. Finding money in the sink is pretty weird, though.

The Going Rate

If a parent is particularly business savvy, then chances are, the Tooth Fairy they represent will also be like that. This could be good or bad for a kid, but probably bad, since you know a business savvy Tooth Fairy isn’t going to give you tons of money for teeth of all things.

But at the same time, the kid might be able to learn a few things about money and business with a Tooth Fairy that’s so focused on such things. It could be a good learning experience!

Forgetting to Do the Deed

A lot of parents downright forget to give their kids money for their teeth. Needless to say, that’s bad if they want to perpetuate the myth. We’re not sure why they decide to give their kids more money, though. A creative cover-up would probably be a better choice.

But some parents just can’t think of another way to make up for their mistake, and the only way they can resolve the situation is to throw more money around. Just don’t complain when your kids start expecting more money!

Stay Out

When you think about it, a lot of the myths we tell our kids are kind of creepy. Old bearded men coming down the chimney and watching you the whole year? A tiny fairy that wants your teeth for undisclosed reasons? Kind of weird.

So, it kind of makes senses that this kid would want such creatures to stay out of his house, even if he or she still wanted to reap the benefits of those mythical ideas. It’s kind of funny, though, that the kid would make such a request.

A Whole Story

Some parents really enjoy weaving complicated and complex stories for the imagination and whimsy of their children. Frankly, we feel like this is the only right way to go about perpetuating the existence of the Tooth Fairy. Might as well go all in!

Of course, that’s a lot of work every time a tooth is lost, but there’s only so long that such a thing is even relevant for your kids, so that amount of effort should be worth it for their childhood.

To Each Their Own

When a hiccup manifests in the story of the Tooth Fairy, a parent has to think fast if they want to keep things going. If they can’t come up with a plausible excuse fast enough, the dream goes down the drain. Thankfully, this dad was a quick thinker.

The idea of each person having their own tooth fairy is pretty neat. It’s also a great way to explain away a number of problems that parents may encounter while doing all of these tricky things their kids don’t know about.

Old Friends

It would be kind of strange if all of these mythical creatures and figures out there were completely unrelated to each other, right? Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to be connected somehow, even if that connection was a little vague?

Well, these parents thought so, and we agree that it makes everything a lot more interesting. Of course, it could also make the charades a lot more complicated somewhere down the line, but that’s the price you pay for having fun.

College Days

Speaking of the notion of mythological figures knowing each other, these parents decided to go the extra mile for their kids, by going as far as to Photoshop an image to sell their story. We’re not sure how believable it looked, but apparently, it could fool a kid.

The real question is, did they have to pay for that Photoshopped image, or were they able to get it done for free as a favor? Hopefully, their kid doesn’t expect an image every year now.

Does Everyone Know Each Other?

Lots of parents seem willing to tie Santa and the Tooth Fairy together, but it seems that the Easter Bunny gets left out of proceedings more often. Not this time, though. These parents figured it would be best to do that since the tooth in question was lost around Easter.

We’re not sure if the glitter is supposed to be representative of the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, though. It sounds more like a fairy thing, but the Easter Bunny is already a very confusing existence, so who really knows?

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