15 Dad Jokes That Are So Punny You Might Need To Sit Down For Them

There’s a reason why dad’s make the world go round and round with their punny sense of humor. Just for them the word ‘dad jokes’ came into existence and the most amazing part being that one doesn’t necessarily require to be a dad to crack one of the classics. You can be anyone, the only requirement is the innate notorious trait in your DNA.

So here is a compilation of some amazing dad jokes that will make you roll your eyes at the mere absurdity of them and then let out a chuckle. Then, maybe mumble a non-coherent ‘nevermind’.

So while you are at it, just get a tub of popcorn because it is about to get a little bit punny in here.

1: When this dad joke was all about dead people trying to enter the cool club.

2: Don’t question him. He knows what the heck he is talking about.

3: *Laughs nervously* Then, runs. Runs to another planet.

4: When you suddenly acquire a talent, you have to tell the world about it.

5: Now, this dad remains updated to all the stuff that is happening around the world.

6: Dadness has never been this savage, has it?

7: Of course, they do. Who can forget charming and notoriously funny dads?

8: Because logic matter more than anything else.

9: Naming everything in style is their way of flaunting their grey cells like the pro they are.

10: Dude, this makes more sense than my life right now.

11: Not that the concept of joke is lost on us but why? WHY?

12: Just trying to protect the esteem that runs low with it.

13: he cannot stress enough on the word happily enough. Not. Enough.

14: Ha! That’s job description is so much better than what is actually done by him.

15: The car has feelings and they might get hurt.

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