15 Hilarious Farewell Cakes That Would Turn Sad Goodbyes Happy!

Moving from one job to the next is often a stressful situation especially when you have made some good friends at your current job that you are sure to miss. However, one of the things that our co-workers like to do for another who is leaving is to make them a cake for their going away party. These cakes are usually very delicious and everyone is happy to participate in the event in order to get a piece. Although, when you take a look at these cakes, you can definitely tell that there is a lot more going on than a simple goodbye. Some of these co-workers are bitter about their friends leaving and some of them are just for the sake of having a good time. Regardless, they put all of their feelings into these cakes and now they are symbols of the time spent at any particular job. Thankfully, these moments were captured before everyone took a piece of the cake. So, let’s see some creative cakes that are sure to make you laugh on your last day of work:

#1  Just another way to say “We’ll Miss You”.

With two simple words.

#2 Gruesome!

This is a fun way to celebrate! This cake is too cool to eat.

#3 From husband to wife.

Way to support your spouse! A perfect way to end a bad job. Hopefully, they also celebrated with a drink as well!

#4 This person left to take care of monkey in Africa.

So, this is appropriate. I wonder if these are the kinds of monkeys that she will be taking care of?

#5 Just say how you really feel!

Seriously, don’t hold back! Now, there’s no turning back.


#6 Vet office worker.

This one is funny but it doesn’t look like something that I would want to eat. Hopefully, it’s delicious!

#7 This is from those who are hiding their true feeling deep inside.

It’s just hard for them to say it. Hence, the sad face.

#8 Then there are those who question your motives.

Hopefully, your co-workers know that you don’t hate them!

#9 Here’s one way to let him know that he wasn’t as good as they first thought.

A handshake is not everything. Apparently, you need to work hard too!

#10 Finally! Something that I can understand!

This is a perfect way to celebrate someone leaving.


#11 I guess nobody can eat this one.

That is, of course, if you need the recommendation that bad!

#12 Guess this person wasn’t there long enough.

Or else, they were just easy to ignore for years.

#13 This person should already be gone.

This might be the third cake already!

#14 Last day at a grooming salon.

The clients will miss you terribly. So, why is this dog smiling?

#15 This person is moving to a new team at work.

Now, the truth comes out! Perhaps they should heed the warning

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