Clothes Women Over 40 Should NOT Wear

Have you ever spotted a stranger sporting weirdly inappropriate clothes for their age? It’s a guilty pleasure among many of us to poke fun at these people, but if you’re over 40, you may be guilty of the same crime. For our elderly readers out there, for the love of all things good, please avoid these 20 pieces of clothing!

Message Tees

Granted, your favorite celebs might sport a t-shirt with inspiring writing on it, but if you’re pushing 40, then perhaps leave it to the younger folks. T-shirts are comfortable and easy to slip on, but if you’re trying to pull off a younger look with writing like Live, Laugh, and Love, people will be doing only the second word. At you.

Novelty Headbands

We’re not saying avoid accessories, period. Just, you know, stay away from novelty headbands that make you look like you’re in costume. And believe us when we say that “punk” teens will look for anything about passersby to point and laugh at. A novelty headband is an invitation for hurt feelings if you’re over 40.

Trendy Jeans

At a certain age, trendy denim just loses its appeal. Tight-fitting jeans look good on a certain age group and ripped jeans are ridiculous, to say the least. If you’re over 40, perhaps you might want to conceal more skin and body shape. Also, stick to a more traditional color—brightly colored jeans on older women look downright ridiculous.

Sorority Clothes

We get it, you were in college and had a wonderful time. But perhaps it’s time to put your sorority clothing in your closets, either as a souvenir of your younger days or for moths to feed on. Look for modern clothing in darker colors. It’s about time you moved past your sorority days.

Baggy Clothing

Baggy clothing was in fashion for like a decade but never on older women. We’re not opposed to baggy clothing at home where you are free to wear what you like without judgment, but given the public, you’re putting a target on your forehead. But don’t go to extremes in the other direction and wear super-tight clothing that will only make skin folds more prom intent!

Scruffy Sneakers

Back in your youth, perhaps tattered sneakers were all the rage. Today, not so much. Times have changed, and your wardrobe should have evolved, including what you put on your feet. If you want to wear sneakers, find something inexpensive and comfortable. There are plenty of sneaker brands to choose from.

Costume Shoes

All women, whether they like to admit it or not, have purchased something impulsively without thinking it through. In most cases, it’s shoes. If you’re up there in age, costume shoes are for Halloween only. Plus, how much support do those super-thin heels offer? Look for a pair of heels that adds more stability to your step.


Wearing tutu skirts might have been cute when you were a kid or teenager, but they don’t anymore. Sorry for being brutally honest, but if you have a tutu skirt hanging in your closet right now, do yourself a favor and donate it to a child in need. An A-line skirt is a lot more age-appropriate for women around 40.

9. Miniskirts


The same goes for miniskirts! Do not wear a miniskirt in public unless you can like the attention from passersby. Oh, by the way, they’re not gawking at you because you look good. At best, they’re staring in wonderment at the courage of older women wearing something that does not look good on her. Sort of like how you’d stare at a person wearing one of those horse masks.

10. Reversible Clothing

Reversible clothing is great if you don’t have time to do the laundry. However, as you grow older, reversible clothing becomes cheesier. Don’t indulge your laziness and upgrade your wardrobe. We get the versatility of flipping your clothes inside-out and back, but c’mon! Versatility is about finding what you need at the moment, not wearing an old jacket that reeks of week-old sweat!

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