Mom Sends Letter To Principal Who Sent Her Daughter Home For Wearing Shorts

You pretty much have the idea of what a hot summer day feels like and means! Short dresses, summer hats, shorts and tanned legs. That’s right, isn’t it? But when it comes to school and their dress codes, ridiculous dress code enforcement according to the season turn out pretty unfair.

That’s what this story is about. And there’s nothing like an angry mother on a mission.

School dress codes and rules are made to keep classrooms and children safe and also to promote a healthy learning environment. But, sometimes, just sometimes, these rules instead of working for all students work to single out students with unique body types. Every person has a different body type, and it should be taken into account.

Recently, a 5-foot-7-inch, 13-year-old girl with long legs and arms was sent back home twice in a single week for wearing shorts that weren’t long enough, and her thighs were pretty much visible. Dr. Catherine Perlman, her mother and also a parenting author and blogger, shared her consternation on Instagram.

Here’s what the mother has to say to the Principal in the letter.

Can you spot anything wrong in this picture? 

To every one of you, this might look like a basic uniform of a school going kid; t-shirt and shorts.

Were you surprised after seeing this picture? Was it absurd? 

We guess you look nothing like this because you are an ordinary person just like us and this dress has nothing to do with absurdity.

But a High School principal had all her issues with the dress. According to her, the shorts were scandalous.

The girl wearing the outfit is Catherine Guggenheimer Pearlman’s daughter. 

Catherine, her mom, took to the social media to ask people if the shorts were anything close to scandalous.

There is obviously nothing wrong with the shorts, and anyone who is looking for something like that is trying to find a reason to fight.

Catherine, the mother, was ready to go in for a fight.


We can all agree that choosing an outfit daily is a big task. 

Rather than punishing her daughter, because why would she? She went ahead and wrote a letter to her principal.

In the letter, she talks about how difficult it is for her daughter to get shouted at because of her tall stature and finding shorts. 

She calls the Principal for help and is pretty particular.

Yes, pretty specific: 

She signed the letter, “Sick of the dress code mom.”

Shall we give her a round of applause?

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