Most Insane Pumpkin Carvings That You Will Ever See

Some Halloween fans can do wonders with some tools and a gourd. Every year, you blow us away with your creative designs. Sadly, we can only pick one winner. But here, we hope to catapult a few of you into Internet superstardom with this glittering showcase of our most favorite creations. Have a look at our Hall of Fame.



To carve the portrait of the master carpenter into a pumpkin seems fitting, especially in light of the 30th anniversary of This Old House this year. “I used small ‘V’ and ‘U’ shaped chisels and an X-Acto knife to carve the details,” said Edward L. of Babylon, New York, “I was thrilled to combine my love of TOH and Halloween.”

Hungry Jack’s Pumpkin Patch


Len C. of Highlands, New Jersey, painted a pumpkin gutsy scene with this giant pumpkin monster and a sea of victims below. “This is a 1200-pound pumpkin. I used clay tools and a paring knife”

From Outer Space


Jon N. of West Hills, California, crafted a galactic monster. “This is the pumpkin from outer space! I felt it best to give this guy a paint job with both food paints and airbrush paints. It was sculpted using my own set of custom sculpting tools.”



Rachel H. of Batavia, Ohio, let her carving be guided by geometry. “I used the 97-cent kit that you get at Walmart. I didn’t have the best tools, so I just started carving triangles and this is what happened.”

Pumpkin Head


Danny K. of Newville, Pennsylvania gave a faceless pumpkin a creepy visage. “I used a fruit carving knife, a host of clay sculpting tools, sandpaper, and finally an airbrush to add the color and make him seem alive. After sculpting, I sprayed light brown to add the shadows. I laid some orange on top to complete the look. The whole thing took around 5 hours.”



Michael B. of Ozark, Missouri, revealed one pumpkin’s deep, dark secret. “Pumpkin pulling itself apart, revealing its eyes. The tools I used were clay ribbon tools, wood carving tools, and an X-Acto knife. This took me about 2 hours to carve.”

Kansas Carving


Robby J. of Ringgold, Georgia, followed the Yellow Brick Road right into our gallery of top picks with this Dremel-carved masterpiece. His 2008 submission didn’t place in the competition, but the detailed profiles of Judy Garland as Dorothy and the rest of the cast of The Wizard of Oz are breathtaking all the same.

Raising the Dead


Stoney M. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, gave us a 3-for-1 when he entered this super-creative display. He carved a pair of hands and a zombie’s head into three separate gourds. “In the dark, this arrangement of three gourds looks like the zombie is raising from the grave,” he said.

Peeled Pumpkin


Tim A. in Toronto, Canada, created this as an homage to one of his favorite college courses: Anthropology. “I used regular kitchen knives; nothing fancy and no power tools, unfortunately.” It’s OK, Tim. You’re still ahead of the class in our book. Get it? A-head? Alright. Moving right along…

Some Like It Hot


Dan S. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, showed off his shading skills with this outstanding portrait of Marilyn Monroe. “She is carved onto an artificial pumpkin and I am proud to have her as part of my portfolio,” Dan said.

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