Weird Things People Found But Needed Help Identifying

There are certain items that you find and you just aren’t sure what they are. However, when you don’t know anything about the item, where do you start when it comes to identifying it? Luckily, there are corners of the internet designed specifically for this purpose. These are some of the weird and mysterious finds that people needed help identifying.

Not for Tea


While this item has a lot of the same identifying characteristics similar to a tea set, this is actually a scuttle. Rather than being for tea, a scuttle is actually made as a mug for shaving. The spout for it is used to pour in hot water.

Structural Integrity


The truth is that this is a wall-mounted toilet – it isn’t going to have a porcelain base, to begin with. These are often easier for custodial staff to keep clean. On the negative side, they aren’t as strong as standard toilets. So, an additional leg can do a lot for foundational integrity.

Interesting Plumb Bob

As they guessed, this is a plumb bob. These devices are used to help a line hang straight and are usually made out of heavy metals. As for the unique appearance that this particular plumb bob has, it’s most likely made from an old fuse model, like those once used in Japanese artillery.

Falling for It


Someone did spot what had happened, though. As it turns out, this isn’t money at all but rather a paperweight with fake money inside. What appears as ice at first glance is probably acrylic. As for what happened to it, someone probably broke it open hoping that there was real money inside.

Protecting Your Furry Friend


It’s actually a tool to help your pets! The flat part against the table is meant to stick to the floor so that it stays in place. Then, your dog can chew on the stationary toy. While they do, the uneven design and bristled pieces of the design will help scrub their teeth clean.

Unfamiliar Tools


That’s to be expected when you aren’t specialized in an industry. That’s why turning to other sources to identify a tool can be so helpful. The person who found them actually guessed that they were pliers of some sort and they were pretty much right. These are piston rings, installation pliers.

To Get Olives


That’s because it isn’t a clothes peg at all. This wooden stick has a pretty niche use. If you’re eating olives, you might notice it’s hard to grab the last few out of the jar or can. You can use an olive pick or olive fork like this one to grab your tasty snack without getting your fingers dirty.

Get Baking

As a whole, this is probably a kit for baking bread and each tool has a purpose related to that. The cloth-lined basket holds your bread for proofing. The other two tools include a Lahm and a bench scraper – the larger tool. The small packet is likely a pack of razor blades for the Lahm.

Time Will Tell

It’s actually a “set theory clock” located in Berlin. This type of clock tells time using increments of fives and ones, represented by yellow lights. The first row is hours (by fives), the second is hours (by ones), and the third and fourth rows repeat the pattern for minutes. This picture was taken at 11:41.

Glass Making

They also noted that the jar had the numbers 1660 and 192 etched on the bottom. There was a bit of an argument about the glass’s UV tone, some arguing its uranium and others saying manganese. Manganese is used as a clarifying agent in glass and this probably once held a cream or petroleum jelly.

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