Daughter Asks Her Mother To Plant Sit, Hilarity Ensues

For many people, there’s nothing that can compare to the happiness they get from spending time with their grandchildren. But for those of you that are desperately waiting for the day that you’re told you’re going to be a grandparent, you can’t help but feel like you’re missing out on something. Tired of asking for grandkids from her daughter, this mother thought that she would take the more subtle approach, making us all giggle in the process.

When Regan, a Canadian native, needed to leave her plants behind for a little while, she asked her mother to help take care of them while she was away.

Like any other loving parent, Regan’s mother was more than happy to help her daughter, and she would do it to the best of her ability. Luckily, Regan’s mother was more than prepared to be the best “grandplantrent” that she could be.

But all Regan really needed was for her mom to open the blinds one time a day.

Instead of following directions, Regan’s mom went above and beyond the call of duty. And to everyone’s amusement, she recorded every step of her journey into being the world’s best “grandplantrent.”

In a series of photos and text messages, Regan showed just how good her daughter’s plants were being treated.

Not only did the plants get to go for walks in their stroller, but Regan’s mom also made sure that they were tucked inside of their beds with a story. But that doesn’t even begin to describe all of the new things that the plants were experiencing, especially after Regan’s mother brought them to the playground!

Once Regan realized how much fun her mother was having plant sitting, she posted the pictures and videos of her mother’s shenanigans online.

Needless to say, people loved it! Once they saw how much fun “grandplantrenting” was, they began posting their own experiences with their “grandplants.” Soon enough, people from all over the world were joining in on the fun!

Dadio sure did take his responsibilities seriously when his daughter went out of town.

Unfortunately, it seems like this plant was eager to be back with its mama. After all, going to a new place must be a pretty big transition for such a tiny plant! While all of these people seem to be doing a great job being a “grandplantrent,” there are others that failed miserably.

This mother definitely has a bit of explaining to do when their child returns home.

It’s honestly kind of hard to believe that they did so poorly. Clearly, they forgot that plants need sunlight to survive. At least Regan’s mom knew what she was doing and we all got a good laugh out of her undeniably funny efforts!

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