Fake Tutorial Makes People Ruin Their Iphone 7

A fake Youtube tutorial created by TechRax, explains to users of the new Iphone 7 the way in which they can create a headphone Jack with the help of a drill. It was a prank video but many innocent viewers fell for it.

Since Apple announced that the new Iphone didn’t have the normal headphone input, and the wireless headphones cost at least 150 USD, many people are looking for an alternative to save their money, and found TachRax’s tutorial as a quick and cheap option.


A Very Cruel Prank

The Youtuber showed how with a 3.5 mm drill bit you could make a tiny whole 14 millimeters deep in the lower part of the phone to find a hidden cable. Once you found this cable, you can just connect your headphones and listen to music with out paying extra.


Believe ir or not, many people followed his steps and ruined their new and expensive smarthphone. The video has already 13 million views and you can even see comments such as, “I’ve followed your tutorial, but there is no sound on the headphones, I used a 3.5 drill bit, do I need to do something else?


There is another comment that says, “Thanks for making me destroy my new IPhone, 700 dollars straight to the garbage.” That’s how this guy has been gathering tons of comments, from people who fell for the prank and people who make fun of the the poor innocent victims.

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