10 Pranks By Couples With A Great Sense Of Humor

Many people, when asked, say the thing they love most about their significant other is their ability to make each other laugh. Well, what better way to get them chuckling than by pulling a harmless little prank on them, right? Of course, the following pranks aren’t always sweet and harmless, and we’re actually wondering how many of these couples managed to stay together afterward. So read on, if you dare, just try not to get any ideas from the following list of loving pranksters.

Happy Holidays From The Swaps!

Ladies, don’t let your husbands do the holiday cards if you don’t want it to look like this. When the wife asked her prankster husband, he naturally took his chance for a holiday card of the year! Face swapping their faces to their kids’ and vice versa resulted in this hilariously cute card! Happy holidays indeed!

Acidic Reptile

Probably bored at home, the man decided to print out a photo of a lizard that is known to spit out acid and stuck it to their air freshener. The air freshener now looks like a lizard who spits acid every 30 minutes. Do you think the wife is actually afraid of lizards?

Snip! Bye, Hair!

You probably all know that a woman’s hair is their crowning glory and they take a lot of time in taking care of it. This dude probably knows how important his girl’s hair is to her, that is why he decided to pull this fake haircut prank on her. With a blond extension on one hand and a pair of scissors on the other, he pretended to cut a bit of her hair. As expected, the girl was so surprised and decided to show how “furious” she was from that prank.

Try Teaching It To Bark

One of the perfect gifts a dog lover could ask for is a golden retriever! And when this girlfriend came and asked one from her boyfriend, he did deliver – but not just what she was expecting.A grabber painted in gold did make a golden retriever. But we are hoping he gave her a real one after!

Can We Help You?

Have you ever thought that the things around your house are secretly alive? Imagine this prank being pulled on you in the middle of the night and you groggily go to the fridge to get some milk and all of the food inside is staring at you! This wife indeed thought of how funny the scenario would be seeing all the items with eyes showing some emotions! They just look so alive.

Guard Turtle

Guard dogs are essential to ensure your family’s safety. So when one woman asked for a guard dog, her husband claimed that they don’t need one since their turtle can do the job. To prove to his wife that it is possible, he taped a knife on the turtle’s shell. We think that the intruders would be too busy gushing about the turtle’s cuteness to even steal anything.

Put On A Bit Of Weight?

When this couple was at a doctor’s appointment, the man decided to have a bit of fun with his wife. Every time she stepped on the scale, the man put his foot on it. The wife kept getting on and off the scale for seven minutes while the nurse laughed. Finally, the woman realized what was going on behind her.

Pose for the Camera!

It must be fun having a boyfriend with such humor and a friend of his who rides with every joke. Such as this situation where a girlfriend asked for a sexy picture of his boyfriend, and he complied with this as the result.

Hello, Sir!

The wife thought of pulling a prank on her husband who was about to change the air filters by printing out a fitting photo of Bruce Willis. She attached it inside the air filter until her husband found Mr. Willis is looking back at him. The wife couldn’t hold her giggles.

Sandwich for Two

“Cut it in half” can mean a couple of different things and without specific instructions from her husband on how to cut it in half the husband decided to take the liberty of cutting it how she pleased. Probably not what he was thinking but still correct though! We don’t think that the husband would eat a sandwich that looks like that.

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