Girls Are Posting “Pics I Take Of My Boyfriend Vs Pics He Takes Of Me” And We Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s common knowledge that women take their time before snapping a photo. They’re total pros when it comes to finding the right lighting and the right pose. But as these comparison photos suggest, boyfriends would rather take a goofy and unflattering photo of their girlfriends rather than snap a good shot.


E.T., Is That You?


His girlfriend went out of her way to make him look hot. Mission accomplished, right? The light’s hitting his face just right and he looks positively awesome. But when it was her turn, he used some sort of magnifying glass to turn her face into something that looks awfully familiar to E.T.


Clearly Blurry


The boyfriend’s looking like a hot model who’s on his day off, with his casual t-shirt and jeans, just hanging out with the city lights as the backdrop. But when it was his turn to take a photo of her, he just didn’t care, which is obvious, since her pic looks extremely blurry.


Don’t Drink and Snap


Although some women can take a perfect photo of their man, guys can’t take very good photos of each other. You can see that the photo on the left is flawless, but the one on the right looks like the person snapping the photo had a few too many.


The Foodie Snap Fail


Maybe it’s the pizza, but the photo with this girl’s boyfriend is adorable. But that’s because the photo had a woman’s touch. Sadly, the photo of the girlfriend had a man’s touch because he snapped the photo of his girl at the worst possible time.


Don’t Get Too Close


The girlfriend took her time to get a nice angle of her man. But the boyfriend zoomed in too close on her. You can practically see her pores. Plus, he didn’t even wait till she was done talking. He just snapped the pic even though she was moving. The second photo was so badly timed she looks like she’s seizing.


Jaw-Dropping Comparison


There’s something editorial about his photo, especially with the sun shining in the background. Too bad he didn’t do the same for his girlfriend. Warn a gal before you snap a pic! We’ll bet this is the same face she put when she saw this photo.


The Awkward Snap


There’s nothing extraordinary about the photo on the left, but at least the image isn’t blurry and the boyfriend is posing perfectly. But he should have waited before snapping a photo of her. In the image on the right, she looks like Gollum stepping out of the water after fishing for food.


Think Before You Snap


The photo of the boyfriend could have been in a GQ magazine. But how did he repay her when it was his turn to take a picture? He snapped a photo of his girlfriend with her mouth open as she’s about to shovel a fork full of food down her throat. Lovely! Just lovely!


Thanks for Trying


Her boyfriend looks like the ultimate romantic. But then he took a photo and it didn’t work out quite so well. He feared for his life after snapping her wiping the snot from her nose. So, he tried again. Only this time he caught her picking her teeth.


He Takes Her Food


He looks like a teen heartthrob in this lovely picture, which he owes to his girlfriend. Too bad he couldn’t show her the same courtesy. She’s undoubtedly very pretty, but this photo was taken at the worst time possible.

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