Kids Claim That These 12 Funny Notes Are Definitely Written By Their Teachers!

Almost everyone has forged a note or two in their childhood! But convincing our parents that it is sent by the teacher is always a fail! Here are 12 kids who were sure that these notes were 100% legitimate.

#1 Video Game class needs special attention!

This 7 year old was a good kid excelling in school except for the video game class. That definitely was serious enough for the teacher to send a note to his parents!

#2 To the point!

Wondering if it’s a government declared holiday at the school! Also the teacher seemed quite crisp and to the point!

#3 Forging signatures anyone?

Sometimes yo need to do what you need to do! Anyways who checks signatures these days?

#4 Innocence!

PSP at school? Absolutely! Everyday? Yup, that’s what the teacher wrote!


#5 PSP trend is on the rise!

This one was received by the teacher. Nevertheless, bringing PSP to school is the new trend.

#6 ‘Brake’ it already!

This note was received by the mother on a Sunday, informing her about the extended one week ‘brake’ the school intends to have!

#7 This can frighten any teacher!

This note was received by the teacher to inform her about the very bad effects homework has on the kid!

#8 Chivalrous much?

This 6 yr old kid wrote this note to get permission to go this friend’s house! very courteous though!


#9 So much professionalism!

This kid had to spare himself from the violin classes. He wrote this when his mother refused to write one!

#10 Again, signatures are not checked!

This second grader tried forging her parent’s signature! She is so good, who would have noticed!

#11 That is truly awesome!

The teacher received this note from the kid’s parent! Sometimes it’s important to let the teacher know about how awesome the kid is!

#12 This kid is going places!

Rosabella you are a smart kid!  The teacher totally bought it!

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