11 Questions You Can Ask Your Partner In Case You Run Out Of Ideas

The list does not include asking if you had lunch!

When you start dating someone, everything seems pretty happening. Insane questions, flirty pickup lines, quirky activities and all things evergreen. It is all fun and games in the beginning until you realize that you are both running out of topics to talk to each other. I mean, for how long can you ask a person, “How are you doing?,” “How was your day?,” or even “Did you have food?” right? So, we have compiled a list of some really good, creative and fun questions for you to ask your date the next time you meet them. We are pretty sure, you will love them as much as we did compiling them here for you. These will for sure fill up the awkward silences and also help you know them better.

1.) What is your favorite movie?

Oh, yes! Why not ask your partner which movie is his/ her favorite. It will help you gather their interests. You can even plan on watching the movies together.

2.) Do you love materialistic things? Which thing is your favorite?

Maybe a play station is something he is willing to buy or a cute hat. Ask him all about his love for things. Same goes for the girls too.

3.) Are you a foodie? What is it that you like the most?

Might be a sushi fan or even noodles. Maybe you both share the same love for food. Go on, ask each other this and the conversation will grow tremendously.

4.) What is your favorite childhood memory?

This is the best question to turn a conversation lovely. We bet you’ll fall in love with each other more after sharing your favorite childhood memories.

5.) Do you like traveling? Which is your favorite destination?

Questions like this will make you know each other better. Try this out!

6.) Who is your best friend? Tell me about him/ her.

Knowing their friends will bring you closer to your partner. Knowing what they love to do, where they mostly like to hang out, etc gives all the insights you need.

7.) Tell me about your insecurities, if any?

Don’t miss asking your partner this because it might even give you a red flag. Ask them what they feel scared about the most and help them if they need you.

8.) What is the best thing about your job? Do you love it?

Ask them if they love their job or not? Ask them if it is challenging and how do they overcome all their difficulties. You can even ask them about their work environment. Let them know you care.

9.) Do you like tattoos? Do you have one?

Ask them if they like tattoos, or if they have one. Ask them the story behind the tattoos and know them on an emotional level.

10.) Do you like books Which is your favorite one?

Books are our best companion and knowing what your partner loves to read about enlightens a lot of understanding between. Know what they love to read about and how they like doing it.

11.) Ask them what their plans are.

Ask them what they plan to go for ahead, maybe a business or a simple travel plan. Know what they look forward to in their life. We hope these questions will let you know your partner better.  P.S. Remember, a conversation is key to any relationship! 

Written by Cheryl John

A storyteller with a passion for all that is fun, heartwarming, neat & controversial.