This Baby Zebra Was Born With Spots Instead of Stripes and the Internet Can’t Handle It

Spotted (no pun intended). A baby Zebra in Kenya has gone viral not only because its adorable and ridiculously cute but because it’s not like any other zebras you’ve ever seen in your life. Instead of stripes, this beautiful creature has white spots throughout its body. Once you see this polka dot baby, you’ll fall under its love spell instantly.

Not All Zebras are Alike

Everyone knows that Zebras have black and white stripes or white and black stripes depending on how you look at it.  But a recently born Zebra in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is one of a kind.

Photographers Had a Field Day With This Beauty!

Photographers Rahul Sachdev and Antony Tira saw this unique zebra and immediately took out their cameras and snapped a couple of photos. And no one could blame them. This creature was beautiful!

It Had Dots Instead of Stripes

Instead of stripes, the baby zebra had dots across its neck and chest. It also had thin white stripes on its legs and its upper back was completely black, which was very rare indeed for a zebra. Then again, this quirky creature was a rare discovery.

The Spots Weren’t Man-Made

Tira, who is also a tour guide, initially assumed that the newborn had been marked for the sole purpose of migration. But a closer look made it clear that the young zebra’s markings weren’t actually man-made.

Mara Reserve Was Happy to Have It

Parmale Lemein, a wildlife specialist for the Matira Bush Camp, explained to the Daily Nation that this was the first time the Mara Reserve had been home to a zebra with spots, and they were extremely elated.

It Has Melanism

The stunningly unique baby zebra was born with a condition called melanism, which is like albinism, but in reverse. This made the majestic creature a rare gem. Once the photos were posted, they went viral fast as the whole world was taken aback by its beauty.

It May Not Live Long Enough

Unfortunately, Lemein had some dire news regarding the future of their gorgeous baby zebra. Animals with this condition have never lived beyond six months inside African parks. But perhaps, this little fellow will beat the odds, and we’re definitely crossing our fingers!

Stripes Make Zebras Cool

Scientists believe that zebra stripes are created due to a lack of melanin, but they aren’t just there to make the animal look pretty. Some believe they may help zebras stay cool under Africa’s intense heat.

It Helps Deter Invaders

There are other theories that suggest that the stripes are Mother Nature’s gift to zebras so that they can camouflage themselves from predators and avoid being bitten by flies that transmit diseases.

It’s Still an Easy Target

Although a lack of striped patterns might make it an easy target for predators, the Zebra is so lovely that caretakers will hopefully look after this precious baby so that it will have a wonderful long life.

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