Kids Shared Photos to Prove That Their Parents Were Insane, and the Whole Internet Was Left Shaking Their Heads

u/x_vier / Reddit

Parents are human so they often make mistakes. But sometimes, they overreact way too much, which is not always a good idea. Let’s be honest! Especially when there’s a subreddit page called Insane Parents where people are called out for their crazy shenanigans. So, these kids decided to prove that their parents were total jerks by posting their shameful behaviors.


Don’t Do Drugs!

u/hooman26 / Reddit

Hooman26 wrote about this mom who is so out of touch with reality that she told her son’s friend that epilepsy medication “is just a crutch.” Maybe she should go on WebMD and research what epilepsy is before jumping to conclusions.


I’ll Be Watching You

u/cenny420 / Reddit

Cenny420 posted a story about how their mom put a camera in their room without even discussing it with them first. “Maybe she felt that she needed to watch me while she was out, but she never told me the exact reason,” they wrote.


Why Are You Tracking Me?

u/TheCityKitten / Reddit

Controlling your kid’s every move will only make them leave the house sooner. There has to be a certain kind of trust, which this dad clearly doesn’t have since he was tracking his kid, Reddit user, TheCityKitten while she was on a date.


She Checks Everything

u/Zetanoid / Reddit

Zetanoid learned that there’s no such thing as privacy under his mom’s roof. She had him give her access to all of his social media accounts and discovered things about him that should have remained private.


Little Liar

u/x_vier / Reddit

X-vier posted a photo of a kid who learned the hard way that lying has some serious consequences. His mom literally shaved the word “LIAR” on the back of his head. Not cool, Mom.


Childless and Loving It

u/Ghetzi / Reddit

Ghetzi shared this post of a mom who isn’t too distraught after losing custody of her children. Based on the emojis alone, it’s painfully obvious that those kids are better off.


The Shotgun Sleepover

u/loki2002 / Reddit

Loki2002 posted this story about a dad who doesn’t get that his daughter isn’t a little girl anymore. She and her fiancé can pretty much do whatever they want when they visit for the weekend without fearing for their lives. Or at least they should!


Getting Along With an Aries Baby

u/MisunderstoodToast / Reddit

MisunderstoodToast shared a post left by someone who takes astrology way too seriously and is nervous about having an Aries baby. Maybe she needs to stop making babies in July and August.


A Day of No Tech

u/heartrate_ / Reddit

Heartrate_ shared this story of a mom who is using security cameras to coerce her child into doing the dishes. That’s not just abuse of technology but child abuse, too.


The Unhinged Parent

u/rosiesummer17 / Reddit

RosieSummer17’s dad wasn’t happy to learn that she was using her school’s Mac to chat with boys, so he shot the laptop. Hopefully, the school will seek compensation for their damaged property.


Get Ready for Bootcamp

u/Tohken_Lordy / Reddit

Tohken_Lordy was left in tears after learning through a text convo that their dad didn’t approve of their haircut. Apparently, they hadn’t listened to their insane instructions, so dear old dad announced he was shipping them off to bootcamp.


The Emergency Can Wait

u/Our_Uniform_is_Panic / Reddit

Our_Uniform_is_Panic learned that if it’s not one thing, it’s your mother. In this case, his mom decided to “catch up with the neighbor” rather than rush him to the emergency room.


Forget About College

u/omgcee / Reddit

Omgcee posted a story of a mom who is giving her daughter’s future a nice start… Not! She simply fell for one of those pyramid schemes and invested all of her daughter’s college fund in it. Nice job, mom!

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