This 89-Year-Old Granny Knitted 450 Blankets for Needy Dogs And It’s Melting Hearts

The fall is still a few months away, and winter is even farther. But dogs in the UK won’t have to worry about freezing their tails off thanks to Maisie Green, a hip 89-year-old granny who is more than happy to knit something extra special to help them avoid the cold and her story will warm your heart.


They Rely on Love

Facebook / Dogs Trust

Dogs who live in shelters depend on the employees and volunteers to show them the tender love and care they need until they find a forever home. But Maisie Green from the UK has gone the extra mile and knitted more than 450 blankets all on her own.


Dogs Trust Initiative

Facebook / Dogs Trust

A few years earlier, Dogs Trust, a shelter in England, asked people to knit coats for dogs. Their initiative was called Hope Project Christmas. All they needed were a few good people willing to grab their crochet hooks and start crafting something warm for the shelter’s four-legged guests.


It Kept Dogs Warm

Facebook / Dogs Trust

Thankfully, the project had a good turn out and the warm and cozy contributions helped sheltered dogs stay warm during the chilly winter weather. But there’s no such thing as too many knitted sweaters. It was also extra useful to homeless owners who wanted to keep their dogs safe from the freezing cold.


She Loved Knitting

Facebook / Dogs Trust

When Maisie got wind of the initiative, she realized she could lend a hand. It’s not like knitting was a new thing for her. She loved doing it, and she was really great at it too. So, she decided to put her talent to good use. Since then, her fingers have been actively creating all sorts of warm and fuzzy things.


It Takes Three Days

Instagram / @dogstrust

It takes Maisie three days to knit a blanket, but she doesn’t mind at all. She actually gets to do it while sitting in front of the television set. So, she goes at her own pace, and the activity keeps her hands and her mind sharp. She can also knit an entire dog coat in a single day. But this isn’t a new hobby for her.


Doing the Right Thing

Instagram / @dogstrust

Maisie seems to have been knitting and donating blankets for about 3 years now. But she can’t do it alone. So, when she donates the coats and blankets three times a year, she enlists the help of her family to help her carry them all inside the shelter.


Putting Them To Use

Facebook / Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust Basildon’s rehoming center manager is beyond grateful for the extra help Maisie has provided. Her contribution ensures that the pooches in their care remain warm and comfortable during the winter season.


What A Legend

Facebook / Dogs Trust

Maisie has proven that you don’t need a cape to be a superhero. She’s the true embodiment of altruism, and she doesn’t mind volunteering her time and energy for those who need a little helping hand. This will undoubtedly inspire others to learn how to knit properly, so they can make doggy jumpers, scarves, and blankets.


It’s an Antidote

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With so many bad news popping up online and on television, it’s nice to see that there are still good things and good people in the world like Maisie, who use their talent for the greater good, especially in this economy.


Warm and Loving It

Facebook / Dogs Trust

The cost of dog sweaters and blankets these days are expensive. Most people can’t walk into a store and just buy some to donate. So, it’s nice that Maisie is doing her part to keep dogs warm. And those of us who love animals but are inept at knitting thank her for it.

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