Bucktoothed “Rabbit” Boy Unbelievably Transforms. Find Out How He Looks Now

Every kid is the apple of the eye of their parents and no one is an exception. But childbirth is one of the biggest gambles in the lives of a family. There is a fair chance that something or the other might not go according to the wishes of the parents. The biggest concern of every parent is that their child should not be born with a deformity because it is going to be a big liability for both the parents and the child itself.

Evan Hill Was One Of The Most Unluckiest Boys

Evan Hill was one of the unluckiest kids ever born to a Christchurch couple. The Kiwi parents were bound to gain fame in the country of New Zealand, but not in the way any person in this world would like to be known.

He Looked Remarkably Distinct From Other Kids

What was so special about Evan? He had a large pair of front teeth or we could say his buckteeth were extremely prominent. Evan probably one of the biggest recorded pair of incisors for the kids of his own age.

His Teeth Were Totally Out Of Place

They were extremely large and wherever he went, he would draw a lot of attention and would get big stares from the crowd. He was a source of amusement for other “normal” people.

He Was Bullied And Taunted By The Other Kids

He earned a notorious reputation in his neighborhood because of his dental problems. He was called “Rabbit Kid” by the people who were around him and became a source of entertainment and isolation. He was picked upon for no reason whatsoever.

His Parents Were Distressed Because Of His Situation

Looking at what their son was going through, Evan’s parents felt very bad for him. They wanted their son to be happy and lead a normal life, but his teeth were making his existence a difficult. They had to come up with a solution soon.

Evan’s Parents Decided To Do Something About It

Eventually, Evan’s parents decided to take an opinion from the dentists. However, they needed a specialist’s opinion because this was a one-in-a-million case.

They Came Up With A Solution But…

Although healthcare is free for life in New Zealand and dental care is free for up to 18, but since Evan’s case required specialist opinion and treatment, they had extra expenditures. After getting a dental opinion on how to improve Evan’s oral problems, the total cost came up to NZD 12000. This was not going to be an easy task as this was a big amount.

Help Poured In From All Quarters

As Evan’s situation grabbed national and international headlines, many people transferred small amounts or whatever they were capable of, to the Hills’ account. Everybody empathized with Evan’s problems. However, there was another hurdle remaining.

The Dentist Took A Chance

The dentist was concerned whether it would be actually possible to get rid of Evan’s problem without extensive surgery. Bracing Evan’s teeth were not going to be an easy task. But somehow he managed to do so. Now all they could do is wait for the result. It was going to take quite some time.

The Wait Was Going To Be Quite Long

The braces required to be in place for five years. Only after this time period would get over, Evan, his parents, and the dentist were going to see what change their efforts and patience would bring.

At Last…

Finally, the braces were removed and Evan’s teeth had straightened out to a 2-inch gap. Earlier the gap was around 12 inches. Now he could lead a normal life without bearing the stigma of the “Rabbit Boy”.

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