Two Brothers Went Back In Time, Clicked Pictures And It Got Weird

We have always heard the saying, “Old is Gold” and why won’t it be? We have noted it time and again that all things vintage or old hold a classic charm. Count in movies, songs, houses or even cars, they have a really timeless touch to them. Two brothers were just going through their childhood pictures and they felt wonderful looking at themselves as kids. The brothers decided to recreate their childhood memories and relive the moments again by enacting the same way they used to before. Although over time their bodies have changed, they have tattoos embarked and they look nothing like their kid self, they still tried to bring out their best in the pictures.

Matthew and James, the two brothers came up with this unusual idea to give their parents a perfect anniversary gift. They took their bunch of childhood pictures and reenacted them as adults. However, the pictures look jarring, it seems like the brothers had a lot of fun shooting the pictures.

Images via matthewsimonhoughton

Let’s have a look at how the two brothers went back in time and clicked pictures.

01. Good but we miss the old shadows The tiny little hands. 

02. Bath time together is no longer appropriate.

03. Disturbing but of well, highly appreciable. 


04. Overalls can always make a comeback and this one right here is cute.

05. His artistic skills are still the same, with the trees and the same old little house.

06. Um… this definitely looks like some Halloween costume but ok. Creepy though!

Clearly, these two have developed some super sweet wooden flute skills over the years and one has continued to invest in bunny-adorned overalls. Let’s not forget the tattoos and the great athletic body. This string of photos was posted on Reddit by Matthew and he captioned the pictures as, “Me and my bro recreating childhood photos for my parents’ 46th (I know-random…) wedding anniversary- presented last week- they loved it!”

Well, of course, the parents would have appreciated a gift like this.

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