William Reed Cries With Happiness After Seeing True Colors For The First Time

How would you feel if you were born colour blind and you suddenly get to see the entire world? Ecstatic, right? Same was the case with 66-year- old William Reed who was colour blind since birth. He was given a pair of glasses for his birthday, and they allowed him to see colours for the first time in his lifetime.

An emotional video shows how William Reed on turning 66 was in tears after seeing colours. The video shows him looking around and telling his loved ones how the glasses have changed his life around. After opening the birthday present that his family got for him and putting on the glasses, William Reed, the bodybuilder stands still for a few moments. He looks shocked, and he later cries with happiness.

The video shows the moment the 66-year-old man is given a pair of glasses for his birthday.

Reed was given a pair of glasses for his birthday that let him see all things around in colour.

The glasses let him see the word in colours for the first time in his life.

The video lasted for about 5 minutes and showed how touched the wrestler was to receive a gift that gave him that one thing he had always wished for; ability to see colours around.

After opening the present and putting the glasses on, William stands still for minutes and seems shocked.

After putting on the glasses, he looked around for a few moments until he realised what a blessing it was to watch the world with colours. He kept on mumbling under his breath.


He cries with laughter and puts his hands up over his mouth.

His comments, however, were not clear in the video, but it seemed like he was pretty happy and content with the feeling of watching everything bright and gloomy. He was certainly infatuated by the colours and the clarity of the trees.

His wife then says, “You can see with our eyes now, baby.”

Towards the end of the video, his wife went up to him, kissed him and said, “You’re not in Kansas anymore, baby.”

He did comment how 3D makes everything so much worth watching and loving.

Look at the video here:

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