10 Hilarious Boss Memes That’ll Help You Start The Week on The Right Foot

Oh, bosses! They just have a gift for making everything worse than it has to be. And how quickly the relationship between boss and employee goes sour! We always start a new job fresh off the interview, thinking “Wow, what a great guy or gal this new boss is going to be! So much better than my old one!” It doesn’t take long for that fresh-faced, shiny hopefulness to turn to the same old soul-crushing drudgery. Like the song says, your new boss quickly turns out to be just like the old one. Hey, bosses have a tough job too: who else is going to micromanage you, take credit for your ideas, and generally destroy your last shreds of hope in humanity? We’re only joking of course. Some bosses are absolute rockstars. But take heart: these hilarious memes will cure your Monday blues and make you laugh so hard, you’ll spit your morning coffee.

Nice Car, Crappy Boss

We’ve all been there. At some point in your life, you realize you’re stuck in a situation that’s eerily similar to this meme. And you know it’s true! If you keep putting in long hours, coming in on the weekends and eating lunch at your desk, your boss might be able to buy another one next year!

It’s A Medical iCondition

At one point or another, we all tell a little white lie at work. But if your boss ever asks for proof, just quickly shove your earphones inside your nostrils and act like you’ve been through hell. Surprisingly, this might just work.

Can You Ear Me Now?

Here’s a clever solution for when your boss yells at you for being on the phone too much at work. Well, it’s clever, but it might get you fired too.

Wow, And You Can Count Too…

Boss: That’s the third time you’re late this week, Jenkins. You know what that means, right? Me: It’s Wednesday? We can so relate!

Read Between the Lines

His dead-eyed, fake smile says almost as much as his clever t-shirt. Dang, we would buy this shirt in a heartbeat. Can you get fired for wearing it at work? Meh! We might just have to risk it! Yolo, right?


Do you know when you can tell you actually “made it”? When your boss thinks you stayed late to put in some extra work, but you just lost track of time scrolling through memes. It’s almost as if you got paid for being on your phone.

This Desert Won’t Clean Itself

“The boss is coming! Quick! Grab something so it looks like we’re busy!” That’s what working a 9 to 5 job looks like. Let’s be honest! No one can focus and be hella productive for 8 hours straight. Raise your hand if you start switching tabs on your computer to look when your boss steps foot in the office, (guilty as charged!)

It’s Beer-o’clock, Gotta Run

People don’t appreciate honesty all that much, especially when you’re at work. “Hey, boss, I gotta take off early today. Why? Because you are terrible and this place is terrible and there is beer in the world.”

A Little to the Left…

Does this look like every boss out there who likes to micromanage your every move, or what? We’re seriously gagging right now at how accurate this is.

Just Kill Me Now

Ahh! We all live for that Friday feeling we get around 5 or 7 pm, or whenever you finish work. But just as you’re getting ready to leave and enjoy your freedom, your boss finds a way to entirely ruin your weekend.

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