10 Posts To Prove Most Husbands Need Adult Supervision At All Times

Husbands, where would we be without husbands? Well, we probably wouldn’t drink as much wine during the week and we definitely wouldn’t be turning grey as quickly as we are but… we still love them no matter what. Also, sometimes it can be hard for us to appreciate just how much of an art form being a husband can actually be. Yes, okay, we complain that they clean things the wrong way or they buy the wrong groceries or don’t put glasses back in the right cupboard or that they clean the kitchen with our make-up sponges – anyway, I could 100% go on.

But no matter how much they grind our gears with this there is one thing we absolutely cannot deny, and that’s the fact that our lives are 100% more interesting with them around. So this one is for all those husbands out there who really do try their best… even if their best falls about 80% short of the mark most of the time.

“My wife said it couldn’t be done.”

Er… are you sure she said it couldn’t be done and not that it shouldn’t be done!? This is like the scariest game of Jenga I have ever seen.

A completely valid reason to ask for a divorce in my opinion.

This is right up there with putting tomatoes on my burger and buying me orange juice with pulp in it. IMMEDIATE grounds for divorce… bringing that garbage into my house. Boy BYE!

“I thought my husband brought something dangerous on vacation. Nope. He brought his skincare.”

Good grief… this is actually a man after my own heart. Or is it just me who gets turned on by a man with a vigorous skincare routine? Anybody?

“My husband picked up some birthday balloons for our son’s birthday today… He’s turning 8.”

Well I mean… maybe you should be thankful that he actually remembered to buy balloons!? When the bar has been set this low it’s really not hard to be appreciative of small victories…

He will love you despite all your inconsistencies.

I don’t believe this happened at all. His wife only took 5 minutes to put on her make-up? Yeah, I don’t think so pal… pull the other one! But also I’m sorry your wife decided to take a selfie without you. Sometimes you just don’t make the cut.

“I asked my husband to buy some hair clips for me! This is what I got! No complaints here!”

Congratulations, your husband officially bought you the COOLEST hairclips on the planet. I absolutely adore a good ole’ clamp! Some husband points have definitely been won here.

“My husband’s lost car keys have been found, exactly where he left them.”


“THE FRIDGE? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THE FRIDGE? WHY WOULD THEY BE IN THE- oh, wait, never mind, here they are.”

To be honest, at this point in my life, whenever I lose anything the fridge is always the first place I check, due to the fact that more often than not the fridge is usually the last place I’ve been…

This husband has his priorities in order by the looks of things.

If you own a dog and you’re about to leave them in the house on their own and you don’t set the radio on their favorite station or put the TV on their favorite channel then you are a MONSTER. That is all.

“My husband asked how I wanted my pizza cut: triangles or squares? So I replied, ‘circles,’ and this is what I got.”

Well… I mean… he did er… kinda… do what she asked him, right!? I’ve always said that pizza tastes better as a circle anyway.

“My wife asked me to dry the dishes.”

I seriously do worry about our planet sometimes. I can’t tell if this man is actually a genius or an absolute moron… but they do say it’s quite a fine line between the two.

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