10 Times People Felt Not So Embarrassed For Doing Silly Things

Let’s simply accept it, we all have been through some truly terrible situations and only some of us get lucky to escape it wisely. These “awkward situations” often happen a lot around parents or an elderly person, making the situation super tricky to handle. If your parents are cool, then you can hope to get out of the situation alive otherwise, good luck explaining and creating out-of-the-world scenarios to defend yourself. To equip you properly for such a bizarre situation and also to make you giggle, we have got here 10 awkward situations in which people got stuck and unexpectedly handled it like a pro.

Excuse Me, Miss

This old man stumbled into a mannequin and knocked it over, creating quite an awkward moment in the store. His son decided to take a picture of his dad’s embarrassing situation.

The Endorsement

Would you like your grandma to do this? Btw, isn’t she just adorable!

Turn Off The Flash!

When you are secretly trying to take a snap but forget to turn off the flash, now all eyes are on you. Oops!

Lego Art

This great LEGO art was done by a child. He was trying to spell out pants but ended up being quite the genius in embarrassment.

Dinner Of Brothers

Just stick to your phone if you ever get forced to dine with a family member you dislike.

Not Your Pet’s Toilet

This is going to prove quite embarrassing for the woman since she was caught using a drinking fountain in Central Park as a bidet for her dog.

New Hairdresser

You would not believe what happened when a guy went to a new hairdresser. He ended up looking like a girl because the hairdresser gave him the bob cut of a girl.

Happy Flying

“We sterilize every flight” but apparently do not remove human hair from a cup holder do we JetBlue?

Returned Item

Amazon sent this guy a used Beats headphone that someone swapped and returned.

Oh, Man! Bad Luck

There’s groceries on the ground already, grandpa’s spaghetti

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