People who got Stumble Hard by Life

No one can control mistakes or accidents from happening, or else it wouldn’t be called a ‘mistake’. Well, we can surely try to prevent ourselves and try to stay cautious about letting the stupid mistakes happen to us but if it was meant to happen, you can’t do much about it, you’ll just have to face it. The worst-case scenario could be hurting yourself pretty bad. So, here we have some pictures that people shared of their own sucky times, let’s have a laugh together!

Revenge Of The Birds

This picture was taken 30 minutes after the guy got his car waxed and washed. It was pretty sad to see how the birds pooped all over the car.

Poseidon’s Wrath

This girl was standing there looking all cute and ready to take a picture when the water from the ocean splashed all over her.

Mary Poppins

This guy was having quite an unlucky day when he was out in the rain and the wind blew away the upper part of his umbrella.

Drunken Misadventures

This is why you always order food from outside when you plan on getting this drunk.

The Roomba Problem

Robotic vacuum cleaners are a bliss until they find a pair of earphones on the ground.

Down On Life

This guy looks homeless and he came up with a clever way to ask for money, saying that his ex-wife had quite the better lawyer.

Home Renovations

This guy suffered quite a setback while he was painting a wall in his home when his paintbrush fell into the bucket of paint.

Problems With Long Beards

The guy in the picture was just cleaning his car when the cleaner decided to give him quite the shave.

Through The Wall

Just put it in rice and we are sure that the problem of the water will go away.

Drink Attack

We just hope that the guy clicking the picture had his window rolled up in the car.

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