People Who Will Make Us Roll Our Eyes

There are many levels of idiotic: One is tolerable and the other one is far from being sane. Like when your friend does something dumb but it cracks you up sooner or later, that kind of idiotic is fine, that’s acceptable. But, the kind of stupidity that makes you go crazy falls under the category of an intolerable one. And no matter how much we run away from such people, we all end up meeting them now and then because of our beloved internet. To make you aware of such people and also, to give you today’s dose of entertainment, we have curated a list of these super idiotic things done by people found over the internet.

Cap On The Bottle

That red thing is not a mini buzzer. This guy should have used the cap rather than tearing through the packaging.

Maintenance Call

Well, that’s something very unexpected. All they had to do was move the package and go inside.

Answering The Quiz

What are the odds of that happening? The designer of the quiz should be tested for his IQ before he tests students.

Love is Love

Adidas posted a cute picture of a lesbian couple on Valentine’s Day but some people couldn’t digest it.


She used EggNog to make homemade EggNog, how cool is that?


This guy was in court for shoplifting and he had the nerve to wear something stolen for his hearing.

A Nickle Up There

Say hello to this legendary human. Wasn’t there any discomfort for all those 8 months?

Shopping At The Station

Guy purchased a Watermelon at the train station and didn’t realize it didn’t fit through the bars.

Value For $5

You surely don’t have a friend like that, do you? That is not a sick tattoo!

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