The Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants For Your Home & Office

The whole world came to a stop, but somehow life goes on, and we found ways to adapt to the situations. Finding new hobbies to keep ourselves busy and to appreciate the little things in life. Maybe in some ways, we feel guilty about the world we see today, and somehow subconsciously we wanna do better by letting the greens into our tiny apartments. Anyways, if you’re a beginner like me and have a bad history with real plants, fear not! We’ve got a collection of indoor plants that needs minimum care, water, and sunlight. So, let’s start slow and steady.

ZZ Plant

These plants do not need much water to survive. They can also stay alive in minimal light, so you can keep them inside as you please.

Air Plants

All you need to do is soak them for 10 minutes once a week and they’re good to go literally anywhere. They look good in the restroom and also the kitchen area.

Aloe Plant

One of the most common house plants I’ve come across. They thrive in sunlight and need to be watered only once a week. Easy peasy, right?

Coffee Plant

The good thing about this plant is it can survive in medium light. The water intake is not too much, you’ll see it in the leaves when they need water. Also, you can brew your own coffee once in a while when it starts giving its coffee beans.

Rubber Plants

Other than its beautiful dark leaves, it is one of the best natural air-cleaners. Enjoy its beauty and benefits by placing them near your couch. Also, you’ll know when to water as the soil dries up.


You need to water them properly and then leave them to absorb all of it until it’s dry. They do not need direct sunlight. The leaves are so unique in shape, a plain plot will do just fine.

Snake Plants

One of my personal favorites. It needs indirect light, and light watering only when the soil is dry. Because of their length they can be placed at any corner to fill in space lengthwise.

Red Aglaonema

This plant is super forgiving. Even if you skip watering they’ll still live. All they need is a proper light for giving out the best colors. Pots with an earthy vibe look best with it.

Sweetheart Plant

It is a succulent which is a.k.a Hoya Kerrie. They obviously don’t need much water. Put it somewhere near the window that gets some light. It can be a great addition to your workstation.

English Ivy

If they get 4 hours of direct sunlight and moisture they’re good to go. Unlike other plants, an Ivy suits well in a kitchen space near the window as its structure is quite complementing to smaller spaces.

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