10 Regular Every Objects With Secret Features We Knew Nothing About

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Most of us use backpacks and sneakers daily but are completely unaware that these seemingly ordinary objects have hidden features.These distinctive attributes aren’t there by mistake. They serve a higher purpose that many of us never even realized. So, here are a few mind-blowing examples.


The Spaghetti Spoon’s Hole

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There’s a reason your spaghetti spoon has a hole in the center. It was designed so you can measure how much spaghetti you need to boil for each individual you’re serving.


Women’s Underwear Have Pockets

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The gusset is a piece of cloth found in women’s underwear. The pocket is formed when the gusset gets sewn into the underwear and the side and back parts get attached to the main seams. This makes it impossible to create an internal seam, so the front part hangs and looks like a pocket.


Lace Holes in Your Sneakers

Sneakers had lace holes designed for basketball players who needed to tie their laces even tighter. But while some sneakers still offer this feature, its main purpose these days is to provide extra ventilation for feet.


The Backpack’s Diamond With Slits

Those diamonds with slits on backpacks were originally designed for tourists to carry ropes when they were backpacking in the wild. It also allowed them carry an umbrella or even an extra pair of sneakers.


A Box Cutter Blade’s Lines

Box cutter tips are designed to be broken off. All you need to do is use the lid from the other side of the knife in order to remove a tip that has grown dull and useless. And voila! You’ll have a new tip just like that.


The Spot Near Your Phone’s Camera

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Your iPhone has a round hole between the camera lens and the flash that serves as a secondary microphone. This allows the device to cancel out the outside noise making your conversations clearer.


Proper Way to Use Toothpicks

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These Japanese toothpicks might have a funny top. But it has a purpose. It was designed so that a person can break off the tip and use it as a stand so that the toothpick won’t touch the surface of the table.


The Lines on Your Keyboard

Those lines under the F and J keys on your keyword aren’t there just for the sake of design. They have a purpose. Those bumps are there to show users where their pointer fingers on their right and left hands are supposed to be while typing.


Purpose of a Garlic Press’s Pin

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A Garlic press can do more than you probably imagined. It contains a pin that you can use to push and remove the pit from a cherry quickly and efficiently without damaging the fruit.


The Oven’s Bottom Drawer

Most people store lids and pans in the drawer under the oven. But it turns out that it was designed to keep the food you finished cooking warm while you cook something else in the oven or prepare the salad.

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