10 Times People Had The Misfortune of Running Into Ignorant Jerks

Have you ever had the misfortune of running into a bunch of ignorant, filthy, disrespectful and badly-behaved people? No? Then you’re luckier than the people who had these shocking encounters. The photos you’re about to see are proof that some folks are just selfish and have no consideration for others.


Worst Mom Ever

This mom could have taken her baby to the bathroom. Come on! There’s no logical reason for anyone to change their baby on a table right next to every other customer at this restaurant. There are changing tables in the bathroom. There was simply no need to change the child’s diaper at the dining table of this restaurant and offend every other diner. But for some reason, this mom decided to go ahead and do it anyway. Wow.


Inconsiderate Parking

Every single second matters during a medical emergency. A few minutes could make all the difference in the world. So, this driver deserves to have their car damaged after parking their car in a zone that prevents the air ambulance crew from rolling the stretcher towards the chopper.


Gollum, Is That You?

Yuck! People putting their bare feet on someone else’s armrest are disgusting. It shows a total and complete lack of consideration. But if you simply can’t help yourself then at the very least, make sure your feet are clean before you do this. What were they doing before boarding the plane? Running a marathon barefoot in the mud?


Don’t Step on Plants

This woman went a little too far while trying to take cute photos for her Instagram. The staff at this conservatory asked her repeatedly not to stomp on the plants, and yet she didn’t stop. They should have called the cops on her.


Cleanup in Toy Aisle

Just look at this mess! Honestly, there ought to be a law that allows the store owner to call the cops on these parents and force them to pay for all the damage their kids caused. At the very least, the parents should have offered to clean up this aisle.


Turn the Volume Down

These parents took their kid to a restaurant and put a movie on for him to see on their tablet… at full blast. They had no consideration for the other patrons. But if they hadn’t done this, then they would have actually had to pay attention to their kid. Have they never heard of headphones before?


The Cinematic Disaster

Theater employees don’t get paid nearly enough to clean up all this mess. Where the heck would they even begin wiping off all this clutter? People need to learn to take responsibility for the mess they make. They’re not children and shouldn’t expect others to clean up after them.


Resting on the Apples

This lady at Walmart decided to sit on the apples to rest her weary legs the way a hen sits on her eggs. At least now you know why they’re always saying you have to wash your fruits before you eat them.


She Used Bread As Knee Pads

This is disgusting. That lady used bread as knee pads while she knelt down to look at the bread bags on the lower shelves. This is so disrespectful, the guy who witnessed the entire thing couldn’t do much, except snap a pic and rant online. She obviously doesn’t care, but she should pay for the bread bags she damaged, right?


People Are Disgusting

You can’t really blame Linda, the custodian for posting this note. The students living in this dorm building are nasty and inconsiderate. For people who are looking to get an education, they sure act like they’re very uneducated.

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