15 Before & After Pics Of Teens That Are Over Their Rebellious Phase

Remember your teen years, those good old days, when you thought you owned the world. You were young and rebellious and against the system. And of course you would reflect this teenage angst with your style, your clothing, your hair, your make up.

And now, 15 or more years later, you might be a mom or have a corporate job, and when you look back at those pictures, you know the ones with that emo look, or that gangsta style, you amaze yourself as to how much you have changed. Well these 15 people shared with us their changes and they are amazing!

1. The Emo Couple

Photo: Vinny Sanchez

2. I  Used To Be Emo, Now I Am A Mom

Photo: LemonMints

3. From Goth to Marketing Consultant

Photo: pancreative

4. My Taste In Music Also Changed

Photo: NonAnonRedditAccount

5. Punk Is Still Alive In Their Hearts

Photo: Chris Porsz


6. When You Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Life

Photo: RealTerse

7. Now Family Comes First

Hace 10 años era un punk-emo- rebelde y ahora soy un padre amoroso.

Gepostet von Porque No Se Me Ocurrió Antes am Samstag, 18. März 2017

8. This Guy Is Still Super Hot!

Photo: Okkido

9. From Punk to Programmer

Photo: Psykopatik

10. His Teen Pic Might As Well Be His Album Cover


11. You Can Always Be Successful In Life

Era emo y ahora trabajo en una gran fima de contadores.

Gepostet von Porque No Se Me Ocurrió Antes am Samstag, 18. März 2017

12. She Looks Even Younger

Photo: yumyumhelen

13. Now This Is A Radical Change!

Photo: BaS3r

14. Bye, Bye Bangs

Photo: Russcarp

15. Being Emo Inspired Her To Become A Makeup Artist


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