These 11 Hot Indian Instagrammers Will Make You Drool And Hit The Gym

OMG! Look at that body.

Instagram is about all things hot and it’s like an early morning newspaper. I am a morning person and the first thing that I do right after waking up is pick my phone and scroll who’s posted what. I was going through Instagram this morning and it suddenly hit me. Social media has some seriously groundbreaking effects on us and we most certainly take a lot of notes from all the accounts we follow there. Be it fashion, style, lifestyle, goals or travel. No kidding, go through this list of hot Instagram profiles and I am sure you will know what I mean.

1.) Deepika Mehta

Hot Instagrammers The well known professional fitness expert is from Mumbai and has clients all over the country. She is a certified yoga teacher with a following of 92.4k on Instagram.

2.) Nikita George

Hot Instagrammers With a following of over 3k, Niki is a fitness freak. She will leave yu awestruck with her training and routines.

3.) Shweta Rathore

Hot Instagrammers Shweta is an Indian physique champion and was the first female to win gold in the world championship.

4.) Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Hot Instagrammers The Indian nutrition and body sculpting expert is a vegan natural body builder and self-taught yogi.

5.) Natasha Noel

Hot Instagrammers The Indian Yogini Natasha is an amazing inspiration with her body on fleek and an inspiring story.

6.) Devrath Vijay

Hot Instagrammers A master trainer and strength and conditioning trainer have his Instagram following rolling with a great speed.

7.) Harj Parmar

Hot Instagrammers The fit mom and sports nutritionist is a famous weight loss coach. She goes by the name skinnyroti on Instagram.

8.) Shweta Mehta

Hot Instagrammers The girl who went from coding to body building, she is a small town girl who is a rising star with a following of over 140k.

9.) Ankita Singh

Hot Instagrammers Miss India Bikini and divine nutrition enthusiast, Ankita is also a software engineer turned fitness freak and nutritionist.

10.) Bella Falconi

Hot Instagrammers A Brazilian fitness model, Instagram celebrity, and life coach share with us how she got into the fitness industry, her diet, her training routine, what motivates her to train and more on her Instagram.

11.) Sapna Vyas

Hot Instagrammers

With a Ph. D. in Nutrition Science and Dietetics, writer at is one of the most popular fitness professionals in India.

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Written by Cheryl John

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