A Guy From Colorado Is Putting out the Funniest Signs We’ve Ever Seen and the Internet Is Living for It

Colorado resident Vince Rozmiarek is making people in the town of Indian Hills laugh their butts off while they’re on the road. Using his skills as a writer, he’s come up with some creative and often punny roadside messages that have attracted over 90,000 followers on the community sign’s Facebook page.


It Started on April Fools Day

Indian Hills Community Sign

Vince Rozmiarek placed a street sign on April Fools’ Day to prank people. The sign read “Indian Hills annexed by Morrison, slow down.” This is because the town of Morrison, which is right next to Indian Hills, had tons of speed traps set up by cops. And this was just his way of making fun of that.


Townsfolks were Gullible

Indian Hills Community Sign

Once Vince realized how gullible people were, he decided to add a series of different jokes and puns every couple of weeks. Many of them were inspired by holidays or current events that he felt were trending.


It’s All in Good Fun

Indian Hills Community Sign

He’s not trying to cause trouble. If anything, his reason for doing this is simple. He wants to bring the gift of laughter to people. And people loved the thrill of not knowing what he’d come up with next. It does make driving to work a lot easier, doesn’t it?


Darn ID Thieves

Indian Hills Community Sign

There are probably a lot of people named David in Indian Hills who needed to get a name change on their licenses after identity thieves took the ID in David. So does this mean they’ll officially have to change their names to “Dav”? Only time will tell.


Coming Soon

Indian Hills Community Sign

Some Star Wars fans would agree that the franchise’s most popular character is there already. Vince obviously used the force to come up with this sign.


Math Number

Indian Hills Community Sign

The residents of Indian Hills can rest assured that Vince is always plotting something witty to post on the public roadside sign.


Case Closed

Indian Hills Community Sign

This reads like an open and shut case. When Vince originally started posting messages, it was just a test case. But now he’s giving people something to laugh about just in case they’re sad.


The iWitnesses

Even the Apple Store isn’t spared from his witty messages. And even though this was totally phony, there are a couple of townsfolks who undoubted “I-phoned” the cops.


Watt Did You Say?

Indian Hills Community Sign

Explaining electricity to someone can be extremely electrifying. But at least it’s not as shocking as the pun in one of Vince’s messages.


Punny Money Branches

Indian Hills Community Sign

He sort of has a point there. Then again, money is made of paper, which comes from trees. That means money does grow on trees. So why aren’t we planting more trees?


Raise Your Right Foot

Indian Hills Community Sign

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. But if you want to avoid a speeding ticket, do as Vince suggests if there’s a cop in sight. Now, if you’re riding a motorcycle, you should just ignore the sign.


The Life Sentence

Indian Hills Community Sign

We bet a ton of married people can relate to this message. In this case, the sentence is more of a life sentence full of suffering and endless bickering.

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