Biggest Disney Animated Film Mistakes

Disney has produced countless iconic movies for a long time now. Despite having a perfectionist approach towards making flawless animated movies, they also flounder sometimes. After all, even the best make mistakes sometimes. Here are some of the most noticeable errors in some of our favorite Disney movies.

This painting shouldn’t exist

Beast was cursed when he was only around ten years old – so how come this portrait is clearly of him as an adult, and not a boy? We love this movie, but that detail is a pretty obvious mistake on Disney’s part…

How did the glass slippers remain intact?


Almost everything does change back to its original state – but the glass slippers remain. That’s of course because they serve a purpose for the plot, as the slippers are needed for the Prince and Cinderella to eventually be reunited. But that doesn’t change the fact that it makes zero sense.

The fabric in Rajah’s mouth

Rajah bites off a piece of the man’s clothes, but instead of the fabric in her mouth being in the same, purple color as the pants – it’s the heart patterned fabric of the man’s underwear (which are clearly still intact).

Nala’s color-changing eyes

Nala’s eyes keep changing color

We know this is an animated movie loosely inspired by Hamlet and featuring talking lions, so perhaps changing eye colors isn’t a major irrationality to focus on. But the color changes just seem arbitrary, rather than having some symbolic meaning to them (for example, eyes turning red when someone is angry sort of makes sense).

A spindle isn’t actually sharp…

The entire premise of the story is that Aurora, due to the curse of a witch and the help of a fairy, will fall into a deep slumber if she ever pricks her finger on a spindle from a spinning wheel (which she of course does). But the thing is, spindles aren’t sharp…so how was her finger pricked when touching it?

Cinderella’s sleeveless dress after the wedding

As Cinderella and her Prince run down the stairs after the ceremony, we clearly see that her dress is long-sleeved. But then in the very next and final scene, as the two are riding off into their happily ever after, it suddenly has short sleeves.

The Genie didn’t actually fulfill Aladdin’s wishes

The three wishes play a very central part in Aladdin’s rollercoaster of a journey to get the girl and beat the bad guy. But, did you ever notice the Genie kind of cheated? When Aladdin asks to become a king, Genie simply dresses him as one. What about an actual kingdom, a palace, lots of money..?

The Buzz Lightyear inconsistency

If Buzz truly believes he is not a toy, how come he does exactly what all the other toys do whenever a human enters the room; falls and acts as if he’s just an inanimate object?

In what century does Sleeping Beauty take place again?

In the film we see fireworks, and people drinking tea. That’s not odd to us modern-day people. But fireworks like those didn’t exist until the 16th century, and tea wasn’t imported from China to Europe until the 17th century.

The statue was destroyed and then reappears

From 1989, when The Little Mermaid came out, and until 1999 is the decade referred to as the Disney Renaissance. During these years Disney consistently produced blockbuster hit after blockbuster hit, and the praise for these truly amazing movies remains still today. Ariel’s father had just blasted away from this statue with his trident, but it appears again afterward with Ariel cozying up to it. How is it possible?

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